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30 September 2019

09:00-10:00 Registration, coffee+sandwich
10:00 Session I
SciLifeLab in the future, Roadmap 2020-2030
Olli Kallioniemi, Director, Annika Jenmalm Jensen, Infrastructure Director
10:30 The potential in data-driven life science – using longitudinal data from millions of patients to guide precision medicine in a lifelong perspective
Søren Brunak
11:15 On research infrastructure for health
Juni Palmgren
11:45 SciLifeLab Technology Development Projects (TDPs)
Host: Siv Andersson, Co-Director
Speed Talk presentation of the sixteen Technology Development Projects (TDPs) who are part of the strategic initiatives to keep SciLifeLab infrastructure at the cutting-edge
12:45 Conference Lunch
13:30 Session II
Coffee and mingle, TDP poster session, Meet the Management Group, Data Centre & Operations Office
14:15 Team Building activity (outdoor)
15:15 Fika, Main building
Session III
15:45 Parallel Sessions:
– Career paths for infrastructure personnel, House 7, Room Lilla Kongressen
– Cross-platform and facility speed-dating, House 2, Room A
– Facility IT and data management services, House 2, Room E
– The role of the Bioinformatics platform within SciLifeLab, House 2, Room K
– How do we create an excellent facility user experience? House 3, Room A
– Enhancing the SciLifeLab community, House 3, Room E
17:15 End of Conference Day 1
Check-in for overnight stay
19:00 October Fest! Welcome drink served from 18:30.

 1 October 2019

07:00-09:00 Breakfast
09:00 Platform-wise program
NMR, House 1, Room E
Genomics, House 2, Room A+Room E
CBGE, House 2 Room G+H
Cellular & Molecular Imaging, House 2, Room K (Fika in House 1)
Bioinformatics, House 3, Room A
Diagnostics Development, House 3, Room E (Fika in House 1)
Proteomics and Metabolomics, House 3, Room K
Operations Office/Sisu, House 4, room K
DDD, House 5, room E
09:30-11:00 Coffee available outside the conference room
12:45 Conference Lunch, the main building
14:00 Bus transfer