Björn Forsberg

DDLS Fellow, Linköping University

Key publications

A robust normalized local filter to estimate compositional heterogeneity directly from cryo-EM maps
Forsberg B.O., Shah P.N.M., Burt A.
Nature Communications 14, 5802 (Sep. 2023)

Characterization of the rotavirus assembly pathway in situ using cryoelectron tomography
Shah P.N.M., Gilchrist J.B., Forsberg B.O., Burt A., Andrew H., Shyamal M., Wan W., Radecke J., Chaban Y., Sutton G., Stuart D.I.
Cell – host & microbe 31, 604–615 (Apr. 2023)

The structure and evolutionary diversity of the fungal E3-binding protein
Forsberg B.O.
Communications Biology 6, 480 (May 2023)

Arrangement and symmetry of the fungal E3BP-containing core of the Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex
Forsberg, B.O., Aibara, S., Howard, R. J., Mortezaei, N., Lindahl, E.
Nature Communications 11, 4667 (2020)

New tools for automated high-resolution cryo-EM structure determination in RELION-3
Zivanov, J., Nakane, T., Forsberg B.O., Kimanius, D., Hagen, W. J., Lindahl, E. & Scheres, S. H.
eLife 7. doi:10.7554/elife.42166 (Nov. 2018)

Accelerated cryo-EM structure determination with parallelisation using GPUs in RELION-2
Kimanius, D., Forsberg B.O., Scheres, S.H., Lindahl, E.
eLife. doi:10.7554/elife.18722 (Nov. 2016)

Structural biology plays a critical role in understanding the molecular basis of life. It lets us visualize and analyse the three-dimensional structure of biological molecules, and allows us to understand how processes such as metabolism, gene expression, programmed cell death work at a fundamental level, and how to safely target them pharmaceutically. In many cases, it is the most informative clue biological research can hope for in order to understand and discover the principles of life.

In the lab we develop methods to understand structural biology data better, in particular cryo-EM reconstructions and the datasets that are used to generate them. We strive to make useful tools that change how researchers consider their data, enabling them to go further and not just discover but also explain and justify new perspectives on fundamental biology. 

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