Data-driven research – models and AI

This research area aims at developing data collection capabilities for development of advanced models, integrating national and international data sets (SciLifeLab and EBI COVID-19 data hubs). Promote FAIR and real-time open science and integration of molecular and medical data. 

This area consists of 5 individual projects, all together funded by a total of 2,8 MSEK. Led by researchers at Uppsala University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Karolinska Institutet, Linköping University and Lund University.

Coordinator: Ola SpjuthUppsala University

Scientific lead: Johan RungUppsala University


A multi-level digital twin framework for Covid-19: from mechanisms of disease ethiology, to clinical decision-support and epidemiology
Gunnar Cedersund, Linköping University    

Building a platform with AI models, datasets and web applications for fighting COVID-19
Emma Lundberg, KTH

Artificial intelligence-based knowledge curation to direct COVID-19 research and public health efforts
Sonja Aits, Lund University

COVID-19 – a population-based project of ICU patients
Emma Larsson, Karolinska Institutet (will be combined with project below)

Characterization of ICU treated COVID patients in Sweden
Jonathan Grip, Karolinska Institutet (will be combined with project above)

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Last updated: 2021-06-10

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