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Photos: Community and buildings

Research communitySciLifeLab in UppsalaNavetSciLifeLabSciLifeLab in StockholmLogo on SciLifeLab in StockholmSciLifeLab Day in Aula Medica 2014SciLifeLab in UppsalaSciLifeLab in UppsalaSciLifeLab in Uppsala

Photos: Research

Drug Discovery and Development Bioinformatics compute and storageBioinformaticsSNP&SEQTissue profilingClinical Proteomics Cell Profiling Biobank Profiling Advanced Light Microscopy Biological visualization (BioVis)Mass Spectrometry-based Proteomics, UppsalaSingle Cell Genomics (SiCell)Clinical genomicsKHTCLCBKIProtein Science FacilityNGI Stockholm (Applications)NGI Stockholm (Production 2)Tissue Profiling

Photos: People

Olli Kallioniemi, Director. Photo SciLifeLab:Marit SolbladOlli Kallioniemi 2017 photo SciLifeLab/Daniel RosikOlli KallioniemiSiv Andersson