Opportunity to nominate topic for 2020 SciLifeLab Science Summit

Is your research topic our 2020 SciLifeLab Science Summit? Send in your proposal now and take part as a scientific committee!

SciLifeLab is seeking proposals for its annual major scientific event, the SciLifeLab Science Summit.

The focus of the SciLifeLab Science Summit is research and research achievements of interest for the national research community. Ideally, this can be presented such that we will highlight the use and utility of SciLifeLab platform technologies as well. The SciLifeLab Science Summit is meant for the broad SciLifeLab community, thus the lectures should be of interest to many and should not be too specialized. The Scientific Committee should consist of SciLifeLab affiliated researchers.

Previous years topics have been:

  • 2016: Single cell analyses from microbes to human brain
  • 2017: Imaging the Complexity of Life
  • 2018: Chemical and Genetic Screening – Exploring the Future Frontiers of Human Health
  • 2019: Artificial Intelligence for Life Sciences

We are now requesting topics, content and potential individuals willing to organize the 2020 SciLifeLab Science Summit in Stockholm.

The Management group of SciLifeLab shall be kept up-to-date during the planning phase and may change or comment on speakers and program. SciLifeLab Operations Office will handle all administration and practical details regarding the meeting. This is an excellent opportunity to get full administrative and financial support from SciLifeLab for a symposium you think would be of great interest for the Swedish life science community.

Last day to apply: February 28, 2019

We look forward to your proposals!


The SciLifeLab Science Summit is a one-day symposium, each year within a new topic. The aim of the Science Summit is to create awareness about SciLifeLab research and researchers, promote collaborations within life science in Sweden and also to be a day for SciLifeLab community to meet and interact.

Aim Science Summit:

* Highlight SciLifeLab´s research areas and researchers

* Highlight and promote collaborations and interactions between different research fields and technologies

SciLifeLab Science Summit topic proposal

SciLifeLab Science Summit topic proposal

Meeting titles should be clear and concise to bring immediate name recognition to the topic and excite an interest from potential participants.
Organizer team consists of 1 primary organizer (chair of the organizer team and contact person for SciLifeLab Operational Office), and minimum 2 local or national co-organizers.
The Executive Summary of your SciLifeLab Science Summit meeting should help to communicate the goals, significance and anticipated outcomes of the Science Summit meeting to potential attendees. Include a motivation why this meeting would be of interest to SciLifeLab and to the broader research community right now. (maximum of 300 words)
Suggest 2-4 key speakers (Name, Organization, Gender) you would like to invite to speak at this meeting. The aim should be to have a mix of junior and senior speakers, international and national (not only local) speakers and also include users of SciLifeLab facilities in the field.