“Seeing is believing”

Since the beginning of her career, Ilaria Testas research interests have focused on the establishment, development and application of light microscopy techniques to life science. “Seeing is believing” as she said.

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Ilarias overarching scientific objective is to continue to develop the novel paradigms made available by super-resolution microscopy to address contemporary challenges in biophysics and molecular biology. To achieve these goals she will push forward the quantitative aspect of live cell imaging by setting up and applying different concepts of super-resolution microscopy. A special effort will be dedicated to investigate neuronal proteins, especially in synapses, where trafficking organelles and protein complexes are so tight in space that resolving them requires high resolution.

“I hope that the microscopes I am building will lead to new discoveries and ideas within the basic life sciences. My long-term goal is to contribute to the understanding of fundamental biological processes relevant for health and disease”, said Ilaria Testa.

What you did not know about Ilaria Testa: her passion is the Brazilian sport Capoeira ande she also loves painting and photography. “Somehow colourful and dream-like scenes are my favourite subjects, which, I guess, is my own way to compensate for my true rational attitude in science.” she said.


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December 2014
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