Seminars & symposia

SciLifeLab hosts a number of stand-alone seminars as well as a distinguished speaker seminar series:

SciLifeLab The Svedberg seminar series

Schedule for autumn 2017

At the biomedical center in Uppsala the “SciLifeLab The Svedberg” seminar series is from spring 2015 running every other week.  This seminar series has a history from the middle of the 70s and a committee invites leading scientist from Sweden and worldwide to hold research seminars within the field of bioscience. The SciLifeLab The Svedberg Seminar series is also a research course for graduate students. By attending ten seminars, one higher education credit is achieved. More information about how to attend the course can be found at the course website.

The next nomination round will open November 2017.

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Committee Members:

Jonas Bergquist, Stefan Bertilsson,  Sebastian Deindl, Sonchita Bagchi, Olof Idevall, Patric Jern, Oskar Karlsson Lindsjö, Jan Komorowski, Pär Matsson (chairman) Aris Moustakas, Jessica Nordlund and Alexander Sang-Jae Suh.

GUIDELINES for SciLifeLab The Svedberg seminar series_2017-07-12

2017-10-26 13:00 - 17:00, Seminar | Stockholm

NGI Seminar Series: Human Whole Genome Sequencing

Time: October 26, 13:00-17:00 Venue: Andreas Veslius lecture hall, Berzelius väg 3, Campus Solna, Stockholm Human Whole-Genome sequencing (WGS) is one of the largest areas in Genomics; it is one of the main applications supported at NGI. WGS is the most comprehensive way to asses the genetic variation. In a human context, what once was used […]

2017-10-30 15:15 - 16:15, Seminar | Uppsala

SciLifeLab The Svedberg seminar series and Lennart Philipson memorial lecture, David Lane, Stapled Peptides

Sir David Lane is best known for his work on the p53 pathway. He wrote the CSH Antibody Manual with Ed Harlow, started the Nasdaq listed biotech company Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals and established the Experimental Therapeutics Center in Singapore. He will speak about “Stapled Peptides: a third class of medicine.”

2017-11-06 15:15 - 16:00, Seminar | Uppsala

SciLifeLab The Svedberg seminar series, James Liao, Carbon Metabolism

Dr. James C. Liao is President of Academia Sinica in Taiwan, and a member of the US National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Engineering. The title of his talk is: “Re-design of Metabolism for Carbon Management”

2017-11-10 09:00 - 13:00, Symposium | Uppsala

Mini-symposium: Medical and Population Genetics and Genomics

The minisymposium will highlight a selection of current aspects on genetics and genomics. Presentations represent activities within SciLifeLab that cover various methodologies and model systems of importance for the topic.

2017-11-13 09:00 - 2017-11-14 16:00, Symposium | Uppsala

Swedish Bioinformatics Workshop 2017

The Swedish Bioinformatics Workshop is a yearly event that gathers young bioinformatics researchers in Sweden for discussing new technology and research in the field of bioinformatics. Registration and abstract submission deadlines Abstracts for posters: November 1 Registration and abstracts for late posters: November 9 (only abstracts submitted before November 1 will be considered for the […]

2017-11-16 00:00 - 2017-11-17 00:00, Symposium | Japan

Symposium: Life Science Frontiers in Health, Disease and Aging

4th RIKEN / Karolinska Institutet / SciLifeLab Joint Symposium

2017-11-20 15:15 - 16:00, Seminar | Uppsala

SciLifeLab The Svedberg seminar series, Qi Zhou, Sex chromosome Evolution

Qi Zhou is a evolutionary genomicist who use birds and Drosophila as model to study genomic and epigenomic evolution of sex chromosomes. He will speak about: “Evolution of sex chromosomes of flies, snakes, birds and beyond”

2018-01-15 15:15 - 16:00, Seminar | Uppsala

SciLifeLab The Svedberg seminar series, Gregory Schneider, New sequencing techniques

Gregory Schneider is a Tenure Track assistant professor at the University of Leiden that recently was awarded. His research activities put chemistry at the center of 2D materials research with the major goal of understanding and rationalizing molecular transport through (nanoporous) two dimensional membranes. We will speak about “Next next generation of DNA sequencing platforms: Two Dimensional Nanopores and Nanogaps”

2018-02-07 09:00 - 13:00, Symposium | Stockholm

Symposium: Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy

The Advanced Light Microscopy facility at SciLifeLab cordially welcome you to an symposium covering applications of advanced fluorescence microscopy methods from world leading experts. Register before January 23, 2018 by sending an e-mail to Symposium program