Erik Ingelsson

Erik Ingelsson
Uppsala University

Research interests

Our research area is cardiovascular medicine with a special focus on metabolic disturbances, such as obesity and insulin resistance and their role in the development of subclinical and clinical cardiovascular disease. The methods used are primarily from the molecular epidemiology field where we use -omics studies of how cardiovascular disease and related conditions varies with DNA variation, RNA expression, and circulating biomarkers such as proteins and metabolites. We are also working with functional characterization of candidate genes using zebrafish models and cell-based techniques. Our research is translational, trying to bridge molecular biology and clinical medicine to reach new important insights into the pathophysiology of cardiovascular diseases, identification of new biomarkers for improved risk prediction, and discovery of novel targets for drug development.

Group members

Erik Ingelsson, professor
Tove Fall, associate professor
Marcel den Hoed, associate professor
Sara Hägg, scientist
Jitender Kumar, post-doc
Åsa Hedman, post-doc
Samira Salihovic, post-doc
Stefan Gustafsson, bioinformatician
Andrea Ganna, PhD student
Mwenya Mubanga, PhD student
Mona-Lisa Wernroth, PhD student
Anastasia Emmanouilidou, research technician
Tiffany Klingström, research technician
Manoj Bandaru, research technician

Key publications

  • Ingelsson E et al. Detailed Physiologic Characterization Reveals Diverse Mechanisms for Novel Genetic Loci Regulating Glucose and Insulin Metabolism in Humans. Diabetes 2010; 59:1266–1275.
  • Speliotes EK*, Willer CJ*, Berndt SI*, Monda KL*, Thorleifsson G*, [>300 authors], Boehnke M*, Stefansson K*, North KE*, McCarthy MI*, Hirschhorn JN*, Ingelsson E*, Loos RJF*. Association analyses of 249,796 individuals reveal eighteen new loci associated with body mass index. Nat Genet 2010; 42(11):937-48.
  • Berndt SI*, Gustafsson S*, Mägi R*, Ganna A*, [>300 authors], McCarthy MI*, Speliotes EK*, North KE*, Loos RJ*, Ingelsson E*. Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies 11 new loci for anthropometric traits and provides insights into genetic architecture. Nat Genet 2013;45(5):501-12.
  • Fall T*, Hägg S*, Mägi R*, [>100 authors], Pedersen NL*, McCarthy MI*, Ingelsson E*, Prokopenko I*. The Role of Adiposity in Cardiometabolic Traits: A Mendelian Randomization Analysis. PLoS Med 2013;10(6):e1001474.
  • Willer CJ*, Schmidt EM*, Sengupta S*, [>200 authors], Boehnke M*, Deloukas P*, Kathiresan S*, Mohlke KL*, Ingelsson E*, Abecasis GR*. Discovery and Refinement of Loci Associated with Lipid Levels. Nat Genet 2013;45(11):1274-83.

* These authors contributed equally to this work

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