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Irene Söderhäll

Irene Söderhäll
Uppsala University

Research interests

We study how development of blood cells (hemocyte) is regulated at the molecular level, and further examine relationships between the hematopoietic tissue and the neuronal precursor lineage that produces adult-born neurons in the brain of freshwater crayfish. We have discovered a group of cytokines, astakines, involved in both these processes and now focus on: 1) finding specific markers for hematopoietic and neurogenic precursor cells 2) how astakines affects stem cells to become mature hemocytes and 3) how the hematopoietic system and adult neurogenesis are coordinately regulated. We hope to get increased knowledge about the regulation of hematopoiesis, neurogenesis and the evolution of cytokines.


Group members

Irene Söderhäll, PhD, professor
Charlotta Ekblom, PhD student
Ariadne Hernández-Pérez, PhD, postdoc
Kingkamon Junkunlo, PhDpostdoc
Ratchanok Sirikharin, PhD, researcher
Kenneth Söderhäll, PhD, senior professor


Key publications

  1. Benton, J., Kery, R., Li, J., Noonin, C., Söderhäll, I*. Beltsz BS*.(2014). Cells from the Immune System Generate Adult-Born Neurons in Crayfish. Developmental Cell, Cell Press. 30(3): 322-333 (*corresponding authors)
  2. Junkunlo, K., Söderhäll, K., Söderhäll, I., Noonin, C.(2016). Reactive oxygen species affect transglutaminase activity and regulate hematopoiesis in a crustacean. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 291(34): 17593-17601
  3. Söderhäll, I.(2016). Crustacean hematopoiesis. Developmental and Comparative Immunology, 58: 129-141
  4. Junkunlo, K., Söderhäll, K., Noonin, C., Söderhäll, I.(2017). PDGF/VEGF-related receptor affects transglutaminase activity to control cell migration during crustacean hematopoiesis. Stem Cells and Development, 26(20): 1449-1459
  5. Sirikharin, R., Junkunlo, K., Söderhäll, K., Söderhäll, I. (2017). Role of astakine1 in regulating transglutaminase activity. Developmental and Comparative Immunology, Elsevier. 76: 77-82


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