Jan Mulder

Jan Mulder
Fluorescence Tissue Profiling facility
Karolinska Institutet

Jan Mulder group

Research interests

Our main research interest is to identify proteins involved in brain development, normal brain physiology and pathophysiology of brain disorders. We use an antibody-based approach utilizing the antibody collection generated within the Human Protein Atlas project to map the regional, cellular and subcellular distribution of target proteins. Using multiplex fluorescence immunohistochemistry we aim to link proteins to cells, functions and disease processes.

Group members

Jan Mulder – PI
Nicholas Mitsios – senior lab manager/Researcher
Tony Jimenez-Beristain – Biomedical scientist
Johan Bredenberg – Senior Researcher
Lora Deuitch – NIH/KI PhD student

Key publications

  • PMID: 24616509
  • PMID: 23408032
  • PMID: 21459826
  • PMID: 21982882
  • PMID: 20529129



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