Science for Life Seminars – Campus Solna schedule

Schedule for spring 2019

January 1,  room: Air and Fire at 15:00
Erin Shuman
Host: Ilaria Testa
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January 29, room: Air and Fire at 15:00
Marcel Tijsterman
Institute of Biology Leiden (IBL), Nederlands
Title: Mutational signatures and scars by DNA Repair
Host:Bennie Lemmens
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Mars 5, room: Lunchroom Gamma 2 at 15:00
Silke Wiesner
Institute for Biophysics and Physical Biochemistry, University of Regensburg, Germany
Title: The importance of being inactive: Structural insights into the down-regulation and activation of ubiquitin ligases
Host:Mikael Borg
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Mar 26,  room: Lunchroom Gamma 2 at 16:15
Lars Steinmetz
Stanford University, USA
Title: Developing technology for the future of precision health: Meeting the needs of a changing medical landscape
Host:Vicent Pelachano
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April 2
Gerhard Schuetz, room: Air and Fire at 15:00
Technical University Vienna, Biophysics Group, Institute of Applied Physics, Vienna, Austria
Title: Quantifying in quantitative cell biology: how, what, and why?
Host: Stefan Wennmalm
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Maj 7

Maj 21
Aaron Gitler, room: Air and Fire at 15:00
Stanford University School of Medicine
Title. Expanding mechanisms and therapeutic targets for neurodegenerative disease
Host: Oscar Fernandez-Capetillo and Per Moberg
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Jun 4
Johannes Söding
Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Germany
Title: Bioinformatics tools for the age of metagenomics
Host: Arne Elofsson
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