Single cell biology meets diagnostics

12th International workshop on approaches to single cell analysis

March 4 – 5th, 2019
University Main Building, Hall X, Uppsala

A combination of technological progress and a world-wide concerted effort currently leads to rapidly accumulating information about human biology at cellular resolution. This comprehensive understanding of how human cells develop in ontogeny, are distributed in anatomy, and collaborate in physiology and pathology will provide a basis for entirely new diagnostic strategies. With this symposium, we specifically aim to highlight present and future uses and consequences of single cell analysis to detect, characterize, treat and monitor disease.

In 2006, Uppsala, Sweden was the venue for a first international conference on single cell biology, organized by Dr. Hideki Kambara (Hitachi, Japan) and with Ulf Landegren (Uppsala University) as the local co-organizer. This event has been followed by annual conferences around the world and will now return to Uppsala again in 2019.

Organizing Committee:

Caroline Gallant, Uppsala University
Ulf Landegren, Uppsala University
Haruko Takeyama, Waseda University
Hideki Kambara, Frontier Bio Systems Inc, Hitachi Ltd
Sten Linnarsson, Karolinska Institutet
Petter Brodin, Karolinska Institutet
Stefan Bertilsson, Uppsala University
Sumio Sugano, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Eiichi Tamiya, Osaka University


SciLifeLab, Uppsala University, Waseda University, CBBD-OIL, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), 10X Genomics, Olink Proteomics. Fluidigm and Illumina.