Suggestions on new SciLifeLab Facilities

We hereby invite life science researchers, universities and other stakeholders within academia, healthcare and industry across Sweden to suggest existing, non-SciLifeLab facilities to be incorporated into the SciLifeLab infrastructure from 2021.

The questionnaire is open for suggestions on new SciLifeLab Facilities until June 20, 2019.


The SciLifeLab national infrastructure is a major resource for life science researchers across Sweden, funded directly by the Ministry of Education. The SciLifeLab infrastructure provides nationally unique and internationally competitive technologies, high-quality services and scientific expertise to about 1,300 academic researchers each year in many areas of life science as well as researchers in healthcare, industry and the public sector. The infrastructure is currently composed of 40 different facilities, located across the country, and organized into seven platforms (SciLifeLab infrastructure organization and services) with half of the users from outside the four host universities (KTH, KI, UU and SU).

We are now starting to plan for the SciLifeLab infrastructure for the four-year period 2021–2024. Before we present this plan to the government and to the SciLifeLab Board, we will carry out:

  • Extensive national strategy work during 2019
  • An international evaluation of the infrastructure in April 2020 (including proposals for new areas/facilities/technologies)
  • Discussions with the host university SciLifeLab Committees as well as the National SciLifeLab Committee (NSC)

Through this “Suggestions on new SciLifeLab Facilities” questionnaire, we ask the life science community in Sweden for suggestions on existing facilities that are currently not part of SciLifeLab to be incorporated into the SciLifeLab infrastructure from 2021.

Please note that, the SciLifeLab infrastructure budget from the government for 2021–2024 will not be decided until 2020, and the financial possibility for incorporation of new facilities is dependent on this.

If you wish to propose new cutting-edge technologies that are not available as a service by any facility in Sweden, please see SciLifeLab Technology Needs Inventory.

Requirements on suggested facilities

It is important that, potential new facilities are in accordance with the overall scope and mission of the SciLifeLab infrastructure, i.e. suggested facilities should:

  • Be nationally unique and internationally competitive in the field of biomolecular life sciences
  • Have a potential to reach a large national user base
  • Provide complementary and synergistic opportunities within and across SciLifeLab platforms

Note that suggested facilities should be ready to offer nation-wide service within the SciLifeLab infrastructure from 2021. This questionnaire is not a call for technology development projects and no funding is provided to new facilities until 2021.

Submission of suggestions

Please, submit your suggestion via this web-based questionnaire.

You can submit more than one suggestion by entering the form again.

Deadline for submission: June 20, 2019.

What happens after the questionnaire has closed?

The SciLifeLab Management Group (MG), the SciLifeLab Platforms, the host university SciLifeLab Committees and the National SciLifeLab Committee (NSC) will review and discuss the suggestions from this questionnaire. The MG will decide in the fall 2019 which of the proposed new facilities that should be included in the international evaluation of the SciLifeLab infrastructure in April 2020. We will communicate the decision to all facilities proposed in the questionnaire in October, and ask for further information from those that have been selected for inclusion into the international evaluation.

Based on the report from the international evaluation and discussions with the host university SciLifeLab Committees and National SciLifeLab Committee, the MG will give a proposal on organization and funding of the infrastructure for 2021–2024. The final decision on the infrastructure funding will be taken by the SciLifeLab Board in November 2020.


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