Support to Ukrainian scientists

With funding from Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, KAW, SciLifeLab will support Ukrainian guest scientists in the fields of life science and biocomputing to join SciLifeLab-affiliated research groups and infrastructure and the data-driven life science program. Financial support to cover salaries of Ukrainian scientists is available for a one-year period (up to 1 MSEK/person).

The scientist will be employed at a Swedish university and hosted by one of the SciLifeLab-associated research groups, infrastructure units, or computing/data science units across Sweden. We are open for:

  • 1. Expression of interest from Ukrainian scientists in Ukraine or in exile who seek a host laboratory in Sweden (deadline April 8 – Closed)
  • 2. Expression of interest from laboratories linked to SciLifeLab who are interested in hosting a Ukrainian guest scientist (deadline April 8 – Closed)
  • 3. Nominations from laboratories linked to SciLifeLab that have already identified a Ukrainian scientist to host (deadline April 21 – Closed)

You can apply here

1. Expression of Interest Ukrainian scientists: For scientists with Ukrainian citizenship, interested in working as a guest researcher in Sweden but who do not yet have a host laboratory. The application form will initially only ask for simple details, but we hope to eventually receive a full CV from each applicant. We will then help the applicants to identify potential host laboratories. Deadline: April 8, 2022 (Closed)

2. Expression of Interest
Swedish host laboratories: For host laboratories connected to SciLifeLab, interested to host a Ukrainian scientist and seeking to find a suitable candidate. The candidate host laboratories will then receive from SciLifeLab applications of Ukrainian scientists expressing an interest to come to work in Sweden. Deadline: April 8, 2022 (Closed)

3. Nomination of Ukrainian scientist:
For host laboratories connected to SciLifeLab, that have identified a Ukrainian guest scientist that fits with the priorities and interests of the host laboratory and SciLifeLab programs. This is the final nomination form, where the details of the Ukrainian scientist and the host laboratory are described and that will be used as a means of prioritization of the applications for funding by the KAW. Note that we need commitment from both the host laboratory and the head of department to agree to the conditions and to employing the researcher for at least one year. Deadline: April 21, 2022 (Closed)

Eligibility and application instructions


Scientists with Ukrainian nationality affected by the recent developments in Ukraine during 2022. Applications from senior, PhD and master level scientists are welcome. Besides individuals with a life science degree, people with strong computational skills are encouraged to apply. Scientists applying in this category can suggest host laboratories, or request SciLifeLab to find potential host laboratories.

Host laboratories

The host laboratories can be any of the > 250 research groups formally linked to SciLifeLab, all 40 infrastructure units, and all computational and data science communities (DDLS program) across the country, as well as those who have received KAW funding support via SciLifeLab for Covid-19 research. SciLifeLab requires commitment from the host laboratory and the department in terms of financial management and HR support, and expect the host to cover practical costs related to travel, work permit, initial housing related support, etc. that may be needed. In order to provide a priority of the applications to the KAW foundation, we ask you to indicate how the Ukrainian scientist would link up with the research at your laboratory and more broadly at SciLifeLab. Continuation of the work beyond the one-year funding commitment is up to each host laboratory.

Application language


Financial information

The grant covers salary only, max 50% LKP and no more than 20% of indirect costs.

Evaluation process

  • Applications from Ukrainian scientists will be made available to laboratories that have expressed an interest to host a Ukranian scientist.
  • SciLifeLab will work with the host laboratories to define matching candidates
  • The nominations of candidate scientists by the host laboratories are ranked and prioritized by SciLifeLab management group
  • The prioritized nominations will be evaluated and approved by KAW, in competition with those from other KAW-funded programs.


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