Cellular Immunomonitoring

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Lakshmikanth Tadepally, Head of Unit


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  • Petter Brodin, M.D., PhD – Platform Scientific Director
  • Lakshmikanth Tadepally, PhD – Head of Unit
  • Yang Chen, PhD – Senior data scientist
  • Anette Johnsson, M.Sc – Research Assistant
  • Constantin Habimana Mugabo, M.Sc – Research Assistant

Cellular Immunomonitoring Facility

The facility provides state-of-the-art single cell analysis service to the entire Swedish and non-Swedish research community in academia and industry. Mass cytometry powered by CyTOF technology is one of the most advanced single cell technologies that enables deep phenotypic characterization and functional profiling of millions of individual cells with more than 50 markers/cell analysed simultaneously.The unit also focuses on developing the mass-cytometry technology with innovation in experimental methods and computational analysis.
For more information see https://cimmr.com/


  • Automated multiplexing of samples
  • Single-­cell functional analysis – by analysis of intracellular cytokine/chemokine production upon stimulation (facility provides service for restimulation of clinical samples like PBMCs using PMA/Ionomycin or other stimuli)
  • Single-­cell phenotypic analysis – by using standard panels targeting surface antigens with room for customization of markers
  • Single-­cell phospho­‐proteomic analysis of intracellular signalling pathways upon drug treatment or stimulation
  • Single-cell analysis of transcription factors


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  • Liquid handling robotic platform (Agilent)
  • Mass cytometers (2 CyTOF XTs & 1 Helios) (Standard Biotools; Formerly Fluidigm)
  • IsoLight (IsoPlexis Inc.)

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