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Johan Ledin, Platform Scientific Director
Beata Filipek-Gorniok, Unit Co-head
Tiffany Klingström, Unit Co-head
Chrysoula Zalamitsou, Research Assistant
Therese Arven Norling, Research Assistant

Genome Engineering Zebrafish

The Zebrafish unit provides an infrastructure and individually tailored support for projects utilizing this popular model system for vertebrate development and disease.
Zebrafish embryos are transparent and develop outside the mother’s body, which greatly facilitates manipulation and imaging of biological processes. The unit allows researchers to take advantage of the unique features of the zebrafish model system, and provides initial advice on feasibility and experimental design as well as running support over the course of the project.

Read more about the unit at Uppsala university website.


  • CRISPR/Cas9 induced loss of function zebrafish line generation in ourselection of readout models
  • Development and analysis of CRISPR/Cas9 induced disease models
  • Zebrafish image informatics (Zii); GEZ and the BioImage Informatics Unit capability allowing for automated, high through-put fluorescent imaging service based on the Vertebrate Automated Screening Technology, Union Biometrica combined with large scale analysis of imaging data
  • Genotyping by fluorescent PCR (fin-clip and embryos)
  • Techniques for reverse and forward genetic experiments
  • Possibility to involve specialists at all levels in individual projects
  • Project planning/management
  • Visiting hours, workshops and education
  • Access to a well-equipped unit
  • Embryo and adult fish production
  • High quality animal husbandry and strain maintenance


  • Development of disease models by introducing mutations in zebrafish genes
  • homologous to human disease genes
  • Target validation of candidate genes and/or small compounds
  • Investigation of gene function in the developing zebrafish
  • Imaging of organism development and tissue morphology and function


  • Fish unit, including tank systems, fish lines, workstations, incubators and injectors
  • Large scale robotic expression analysis Intavis InsituPro Vsi
  • Microscopy: Variety of microscopy equipment including bright field, fluorescent microscopes and VAST (Vertebrate Automated Screening Technology) BioImager Platform with Large Particle Sampler allowing for sampling and re-dispensing of zebrafish larvae (

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Uppsala University
Evolutionsbiologiskt Centrum (EBC)
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Uppsala University
Evolutionsbiologiskt Centrum (EBC)
Norbyvägen 18 A
752 36 Uppsala

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