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Anders Olsson

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Mats Ohlin, Platform Scientific Director
Per-Åke Nygren, Platform Scientific Director
Mats Persson, Platform Scientific Director


Anders Olsson, acting Head of Unit
Ainhoa Moliner-Morro
Eirini Kalliara
Khuanpiroon Ratanasopa
Magdalena Godzwon
Oskar Andersson
Pauliina Turunen

Human Antibody Therapeutics

The Human Antibody Therapeutics unit supports the development of therapeutic antibodies. The unit will assist by isolating human antibodies from in-house constructed IP free phage libraries towards target proteins as suggested by the partner PI. It will be of critical importance that the partner PI has substantial knowledge and know-how of the target protein/biological system, either from a clinical or basic scientific perspective. The objective is to deliver a reasonable number of candidate clones for further in vivo characterization in collaboration with the partner PI.


  • Generation of well-characterized human antibodies for therapy
    • Selection and cloning of monoclonal, high-affinity human antibody fragments from IP free phage display libraries
    • Re-cloning, expression and purification of isolated antibodies as full-length format IgG molecules
    • Initial characterization of the isolated antibodies, including e.g. DNA/amino acid sequence, binding specificity and selectivity, affinity, stability, aggregation, epitope mapping
    • Assessment of function and biological potency of the antibodies using in vitro assays
  • Collaborate in the design of relevant assays for biological potency of the antibodies, and in the design of proof-of-concept studies
  • Consulting at the pre-project proposal stage with potential partner PIs on project design


  • Highly diverse IP free human antibody phage libraries
  • Fully equipped pro- and eukaryotic cell culture laboratories
  • Protein purification ÄKTA systems
  • Automated liquid handling VANTAGE Hamilton robot
  • SPR Biacore 8K
  • ELISA work station
  • KingFisher Flex system
  • iQue Plus flow cytometer
  • NanoDSF Prometheus
  • Isothermal titration calorimeter

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