Protein Expression and Characterization

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Anders Olsson

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Per-Åke Nygren, Platform Scientific Director
Anders Olsson, Head of Unit
Yasmin Andersson, Senior Scientist
Leif Dahllund, Senior Scientist
Esmeralda Woestenenk, Senior Scientist

Protein Expression and Characterization

The Protein Expression and Characterization unit provides recombinant proteins needed for biochemical screening and therapeutic applications as well as antigens for human antibody production using bacterial and mammalian expression systems. The unit also houses competence and machinery to characterize purified proteins in detail, like binding, stability, and aggregation tendency.


  • Delivery of pharmaceutical target proteins for screening and MOA studies including:
    • Construct design, cloning and expression analysis
    • Expression in E. coli, insect cells, transient and stable pool mammalian cells up to 20L scale
    • Purification and biophysical characterisation of proteins
  • Expression, purification and characterisation of biopharmaceutical candidates for Proof of Concept and MOA studies
  • qPCR expression analysis
  • Mammalian cells for screening
  • Thermal shift screens (DSF)
  • Support in biochemical screening assay design and setup


Watch our cells grow!
  • Fully equipped lab for protein expression and purification
  • ambr15 Microbioreactor
  • Light Cycler 480 II
  • Isothermal calorimeter
  • Biacore T200
  • Liquid handling robot
  • Prometheus NT.48 with Backreflection Optics
  • Malvern DLS

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