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Postdoctoral position in NGS bioinformatics of genome organization and fragility

Published: 2016-09-15

The Bienko Laboratory for Quantitative Biology of the Nucleus ( at Karolinska Institutet (, ranked 9 in 2015-2016 QS) is located at SciLifeLab (, an interdisciplinary center for biosciences bringing together researchers from four different universities and providing top-notch facility services to scientists all over Sweden. The Bienko Lab’s main goal is to unravel the fundamental design principles that govern the three-dimensional organization of the mammalian nucleus. To achieve this, the lab combines high-end microscopy techniques (DNA and RNA FISH) and next-generation sequencing methods (HiC, BLESS, in-house methods) with advanced mathematical tools (topological data analysis) in a thriving interdisciplinary atmosphere.

Job description
A position (postdoc level) is available for an NGS pipeline manager that will be responsible for the implementation and maintenance of standard, as well as ad hoc pipelines for processing the NGS data that are generated in the Bienko Lab using both published methods (e.g., HiC) as well as new in-house methods for measuring DNA accessibility, conformation, and fragility. Other tasks include: 1) supporting group members with statistical interpretation of NGS data; 2) basic training in Unix scripting and Python programming for experimenters in the group; 3) analysis of NGS data generated in the frame of collaborative projects.

The candidate should have very strong programming skills (proficiency in C++, Python, R and Unix) and a solid publication record in the field of NGS data analysis, preferably with prior experience with data generated by methods for genome-wide profiling of DNA accessibility (e.g. DNAseI-seq, ATAC-seq) and/or chromosome conformation (e.g. HiC, 4C) and/or gene expression (e.g., RNA-seq, GROSeq). A background in statistics and expertise in statistical methods for interpreting NGS data is a strong plus.

To apply
To apply, please send a motivation letter to together with a complete CV, a full list of publications, and the contact details (name, institution, email) of two referees.