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Postdoctoral position in Microscopy of Genome Organization and Gene Expression

The Bienko Laboratory for Quantitative Biology of the Nucleus ( at Karolinska Institutet (, ranked 9 in 2015-2016 QS) is located at SciLifeLab (, an interdisciplinary center for biosciences bringing together researchers from four different universities and providing top-notch facility services to scientists all over Sweden. The Bienko Lab’s main goal is to unravel the fundamental design principles that govern the three-dimensional organization of the mammalian nucleus. To achieve this, the lab combines high-end microscopy techniques (DNA and RNA FISH) and next-generation sequencing methods (HiC, BLESS, in-house methods) with advanced mathematical tools (topological data analysis) in a thriving interdisciplinary atmosphere.

Job description
A position (postdoc level, scholarship type) is available for a DNA and RNA FISH platform manager that will be responsible for the following tasks: 1) construction and maintenance of a large database of probes for single-molecule RNA FISH (Raj et al., Nat Meth 2008), high-definition DNA FISH (Bienko et al, Nat Meth 2013), and other FISH methods that are being developed in the lab; 2) full management, including basic training of new users and maintenance of our custom-built fluorescence microscopy systems (Nikon Eclipse) used for high-resolution FISH measurements; 3) providing support with DNA and RNA FISH in the frame of collaborative projects.

The candidate should demonstrate a very strong background in both theory and practice of fluorescence microscopy (both wide-field and confocal microscopy), a solid expertise in basic molecular and cell biology methods (nucleic acid purification, PCR, cloning, cell culture), and preferably a record of work with DNA and/or RNA FISH methods. The ideal candidate should have a strong affinity for engineering aspects related to proper functioning and maintenance of microscopes (ability to troubleshoot) and a desire to provide top-quality FISH tools and expertise for multiple collaborative projects.

To apply
To apply, please send a motivation letter to together with a complete CV, a full list of publications, and the contact details (name, institution, email) of two referees.