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Postdoctoral position (Scholarship) in the Laboratory of Synthetic Stem Cell and Chromatin Biology

Published: 2016-10-03

For our growing interdisciplinary and multi-national team, we are recruiting a postdoctoral researcher (ERC-funded 2 year scholarship position in first instance, up to 5 years).  To unravel the molecular circuits that underlie epigenetic gene regulation and inheritance, my laboratory aims to increase the spatiotemporal resolution and biochemical precision of methods for studying chromatin in living cells. In an interdisciplinary team, we will be developing tools to engineer proteins in living cells based on genetic code expansion and unnatural amino acid mutagenesis. We will, for example, control and probe chromatin proteins using light-activated and bioorthogonal chemistries. These methods, combined with quantitative, high-throughput, proteomic and genomic read-outs, will allow us to dissect the complex mechanisms governing chromatin dynamics, histone modifications and epigenetic inheritance. For more information and latest news visit

The ideal candidate has one of the following profiles:

1) extensive experience in ChIP-Seq, ATAC-Seq, DHS, or related methodologies, including cell and sample preparation, next-generation sequencing library preparation; experience in data analysis using third-party software and scripting languages.

2) extensive experience in R, Python, MatLab or related programming languages for the analysis of next-generation sequencing data and basic experience in wet lab techniques such as library preparation.

3) extensive experience in Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics, including cell and sample preparation, operation and maintenance of LC-MS/MS systems, data analysis.

More information and application: