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Researcher Protein Science

Published: 2018-09-28

Job description

The position consists of two main components:

  • Protein expression, purification and biophysical characterization.
  • Develop and implement external and internal commmunication for the Drug Discovery and Development platform.

The distribution between these tasks are expected to be 60/40 but may change over time.

Below is a more detailed description of the two components.

  • The tasks include expression, purification and detailed biophysical characterization of proteins to be used as targets for selection and/or functional studies of small molecule lead compounds within drug discovery projects. The proteins may also be lead compounds for biological therapeutics. Characterization will be carried out with respect to function, purity, aggregation, secondary structure etc. In addition, some development of assays for screening and functional studies are included in the tasks.
  • The tasks include to be responsible for the DDD external newsletter (four issues per year) and communication regarding external workshops, seminars, and other activities. This work will demand synchronization with the central communication department at SciLifeLab, e.g. to maintain the DDD webpage and other actions that facilitate DDD’s outreach activities towards the academic community in Sweden. In addition, the task include to establish and maintain an effective internal communication within the platform, e.g. using channels such as Slack. Other task may be: to establishing and be responsible for customer surveys, establishing a web-based project application format, and to contribute to producing the documentation for internal and external evaluations including applications for grants/financing, etc.

The distribution between the two tasks will be prioritised by the responsible manager.


PhD or Mastersexam with corresponding experience in one of the areas of cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, biotechnology or bioprocess technology.

Proven track-record from work within the biotech/pharma industry or from a relevant academic environment.

Absolute requirements include: Several years of hands-on experience to design and excecute strategies for expression, purification, biophysical and functional characterzation of recombinant proteins from bacteria, insect cells and mammalian cells for the purpose of drug discovery. Experience from developing biochemical assays for screening and functional studies.

Formal education within the areas of communication or scientific writing is a merit.

Experience and skills

Great emphasis will be put on individual qualities and experiences. In addition to previously mentioned qualifications the succesful applicant will meet the following criteria:

Work component 1:

  • Established track record from succesfully peforming in a service based work environment
  • Excellent problem solving ability and documented experience from method development
  • High standard scientific publishing track record
  • Experience from documentation and reporting according to industry standard

Work component 2:

  • Experience from designing, producing and communicating scientific information to a wider audience
  • Excellent grasp of language, both English and Swedish

General abilities

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Well developed structural thinking ability

The following experiences and skills are also meriting:

  • Developing communication plans
  • Writing research grant applications in the Swedish and European setting
  • Project management in a pharma company environment.

Personal characteristics

  • Excellent ability to cooperate and managing customer demands
  • High degree of integrity, motivation and flexibility in the work environment


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