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High Throughput Genome Engineering (HTGE)

National facility

The High Throughput Genome Engineering (HTGE) facility provides affordable access to high throughput functional genomic screens using the CRISPR/Cas9 system in cell lines. Pooled CRISPR/Cas9 screening enables parallel interrogation of thousands of genes for involvement in biological processes of interest. HTGE provides access to verified lentiviral CRISPR guide libraries for whole genome and targeted loss of function studies. We also offer generation of stable Cas9-expressing lines in users’ cells of interest. HTGE supports the Swedish and international research community with CRISPR screening projects from planning to data analysis.



  • Cas9-expressing cell line generation


  • High throughput pooled CRISPR screens from screen design to gene hit list
  • Experienced support for screen design
  • Lentiviral CRISPR guide libraries provided
  • Custom libraries created
  • Library transduction performed
  • Sequencing library prepared
  • Data analysis: hit list generated



  • Screens can be performed in cell lines, stem cells or primary cells
  • Determine essential genes in specific cell types
  • Screen for drug resistance/sensitivity genes
  • Find novel genes/pathways involved in differentiation
  • Map novel genes/pathways regulating a reporter gene
  • Pooled screening is extremely versatile; any phenotype that allows cell separation can be queried!