Training at SciLifeLab

SciLifeLab is at the forefront of technology- and data-driven knowledge, and we offer training for current and potential SciLifeLab infrastructure users, such as PhD students, postdocs, investigators and other employees within all Swedish universities.

Our educational activities cover knowledge and understanding about the advanced techniques and data analysis methods available at the SciLifeLab technical platforms. The workshops are usually intensive, short-form training focused on a single subject.

SciLifeLab training courses do not provide any formal university credits. The course content is estimated to correspond to a certain number of credits, however the estimated credits are just guidelines.

SciLifeLab Training Hub works to consolidate and coordinate the training efforts across the SciLifeLab ecosystem, giving the life science community easy access to the SciLifeLab infrastructure knowledge, skills and expertise.


Mentorship & guidance

SciLifeLab offers education in many different ways. Alongside with courses and seminars there are mentorship programs and drop-in opportunities for discussing your own projects.

Contact Training Hub

If you have questions regarding Training within SciLifeLab, contact us using

What’s new?

The SciLifeLab Training Hub

The Training Hub is creating training infrastructure, pedagogic support, and a community of practice for the benefit of all SciLifeLab platforms and units when delivering their knowledge.

Last updated: 2024-04-24

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