Precision Medicine

Health is individual and patients can benefit greatly from personalized treatments, tailored for their specific molecular disposition. This rapidly emerging field, known as Precision Medicine, relies on technology development and requires close collaboration between scientists and healthcare professionals. SciLifeLab aims to bring cutting-edge technologies, first-class expertise and data infrastructure to build the foundation of tomorrow’s Precision Medicine.

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Through the Clinical Genomics platform, SciLifeLab has successfully contributed to the implementation of genetic analysis in clinical diagnostics of cancer, inherited disorders and infectious diseases. The Clinical Genomics platform also initiated Genomic Medicine Sweden (GMS) in 2017, to further leverage and translate innovation in genomics into clinical practice. The Clinical Genomics platform and GMS have written a correspondence about their joint efforts to implement precision medicine in Sweden.

Through the Precision Medicine Capability, SciLifeLab aims to enable precision medicine in additional disease areas and technologies building on the existing technologies and expertise available at the infrastructure. A roadmap with more detailed objectives is under preparation. The Precision Medicine Capability works in close collaboration with the DDLS strategic research area for Precision medicine and diagnostics and the SciLifeLab Data Center. We also have regular discussions with other key stakeholders in the precision medicine landscape, including GMS, healthcare regions, and national and international research initiatives.


The Clinical Genomics platform provides a range of clinically validated tests within for example next-generation sequencing and ultrasensitive mutation detection as a service for translational and clinical research, including prospective studies and clinical trials. 

Several technologies within proteomics and immunology have been used to support clinical trials and clinical studies.

The National Bioinformatics Infrastructure offers bioinformatics support for different types of projects, including clinical studies.

Information about services and available methods at all technology platforms is available at the pages of each infrastructure unit.

The Drug Discovery and Development platform offers consultation on requirements for precision medicine and how that is implemented in drug discovery research.

The SciLifeLab Precision Medicine Capability arranges the seminar series Clinical Talks, in collaboration with Karolinska Institutet Innovation.

Study explain success story of precision medicine implementation in Sweden

September 29 2022

A bottom-up approach was the key to successfully introduce precision medicine in Swedish healthcare, with academia and healthcare cooperating to build a national infrastructure. This according to a publication written by 42 authors from the Clinical Genomics platform at SciLifeLab and Genomic Medicine Sweden, GMS.

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