Towards technology- and data- driven life science

Vision and Mission

Our vision is for Sweden to be a world-leading nation in life science.

The overall mission for SciLifeLab is to enable life science research in Sweden that is beyond what is possible for an individual researcher, an individual university or an individual research discipline.

By providing access to the latest key technologies, SciLifeLab’s infrastructure creates prerequisites for research and conceptually new forms of collaboration between individuals, groups and organizations.

Roadmap under revision 2024

As Sweden’s National Infrastructure for Molecular Life Sciences, SciLifeLab aims to:

  • Develop and provide excellent life science infrastructure
  • Strengthen scientific communities, capabilities, and international collaborations.
  • Transform life science data into knowledge
  • Attract and foster scientific excellence and provide advanced training
  • Support innovation and bridge-building for the benefit of society

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SciLifeLab Roadmap 2020-2030

The roadmap describe what SciLifeLab want to achieve in the coming decade and why. It focuses on what we can accomplish together with all of our stakeholders, maximizing the capacity of the Swedish life science ecosystem as a whole, by increasing quality and international competitiveness of research through continued efforts on technology-driven infrastructure, as well as new focus on data-driven life science. Detailed plans as how to achieve the objectives will be further defined in the daily operations of our infrastructure and research community together with key collaborators.


A technology- and data-driven approach to life science

As a national center for molecular life science research, SciLifeLab provides a collaborative platform for cross-disciplinary research across academia as well as medical, environmental, industrial and other societal sectors. In its capacity as a national infrastructure, SciLifeLab’s primary mission has been to offer access to cutting-edge life science technologies, in support of ground-breaking life science research throughout Sweden.

The future role of SciLifeLab is interlinked with the importance of life science in general as well as the need to adapt to the global changes that are currently underway. Life science is in the midst of a technological and digital revolution that will have a major impact on medical research, healthcare, drug discovery, diagnostics, biodiversity, environment and many other fields. As modern technologies often can be broadly applied across the entire spectrum of life science and therefore benefit several organizations and disciplines, a high accessibility of our national infrastructure becomes critically important. The amount of data produced from SciLifeLab has exponentially increased, providing unprecedented opportunity for a deep comprehensive understanding of life, a data-driven approach to basic research, and for addressing major societal challenges. Given the trends in both technology- and data-driven science, SciLifeLab plays an increasingly important role in Sweden’s ambition to be a globally leading life science nation.

During 2020-2030, SciLifeLab will continue to develop and make use of our infrastructure for the benefit of Swedish research, recruitment, training, translation, innovation and utilization of life science data. Our ambition is to increase quality and international competitiveness of Swedish research through continued efforts on technology-driven infrastructure, as well as a new focus on data-driven life science.

Last updated: 2024-05-24

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