A data-centric approach to Life Science

Life science research is increasingly becoming not only technology-driven, but also data-driven. SciLifeLab coordinates and supports activities throughout the life cycle of data, from project planning, data production, data analysis, data sharing, to publishing and reuse of data, where researchers are dependent on advanced data analysis and e-infrastructures. 

SciLifeLab Data Centre is a central unit within SciLifeLab with responsibility for IT- and data management issues, serving the SciLifeLab and the Data Driven Life Science (DDLS) research program.

At SciLifeLab, we see data as one of the most valuable and long-lasting products of our operations and strive to make our data FAIR, handled according to open science standards and that its long- term value to the scientific community is maximized.

Contact: datacentre@scilifelab.se


IT and Software Services

We have a number of services available, and some things are in development.

Systems for operations

Collaboration and communication systems

Service request form

As a way of documenting and tracking your IT/data management needs we have a Service Request Form to be used.  Please email this to datacentre@scilifelab.se:

SciLifeLab Data Policy

The first version of the SciLifeLab Data Policy has been released. This document will be revised and updated regularly.

Contact Data Centre

If you have questions regarding IT and data management, systems or data access contact the Data Centre using datacentre@scilifelab.se

View the Data Centre team
Close the Data Centre team
Johan Rung
Head of Data Centre
Hanna Kultima
Vice Head of Data Centre
Senthilkumar Panneerselvam
Systems developer
Ina Odén Österbo
Project leader
Ola Spjuth
Uppsala University
Professor, AI coordinator
Anna Asklöf
Data steward
Arnold Kochari
Project leader
Katarina Öjefors Stark
Data steward
Parul Tewatia
Data steward
Liane Hughes
Project leader
Hamza Imran
Data engineer
Valentin Georgiev
Systems developer
Erik Sjölund
IT specialist
Kazi Jahurul Islam
Web developer
Matthias Hörtenhuber
Systems developer
Rickard Hammarén
Systems developer
Nikita Churikov
Data engineer
Johan Alfredéen
AI data engineer
Viktor Sandström
Data engineer
Lars-Owe Ivarsson
Project coordinator
Mathias Brännvall
Project coordinator
Soumi Chaki
Applications Expert
Xuan Gu
Applications Expert
Ann-Charlotte Sonnhammer
Project coordinator
Elisabeth Sundström
Project leader
Arthur Rosendahl
Systems Developer
Sonja Mathias
Systems Developer
Jan Lorenz
Project Leader
Jonas Svensson
Head of IT-systems and infrastructure
Angela Fuentes Pardo
Data Steward
Natashia Benzian Olsson
Data Steward
Anna Henriksson
Joanna Sendecka
Data Steward
Alvaro Revuelta
Systems Developer
Sebastian Lindbom Gunnari
Systems Developer
Christopher Erdmann
Head of Open Science
Jonas Hagberg
CTO of Data Center
Daniela A. García-Soriano
Data engineer
Harshita Gupta
System Developer
Quentin Ågren
System Developer
Gökhan Özsari
Data Engineer
Paul Dulaud
Systems Developer
Rory Crean
Data Engineer

Last updated: 2024-03-26

Content Responsible: Hanna Kultima(hanna.kultima@scilifelab.uu.se)