Data Office

The SciLifeLab Data Office has been established to facilitate the communication between SciLifeLab platforms, their users, and the research community. The purpose is to maximize the scientific impact of SciLifeLab generated data by providing coordination of services for good data management, in particular storing, managing data access, sharing, archiving and re-using data.

We are newly established in September 2016, and these webpages will be updated as services are set up and as the work progresses. Information meetings will be held with the platforms over the autumn, and keep the work as transparent and accessible as possible. The Data Office will be a genuine service, both for internal SciLifeLab users and external researchers.



SciLifeLab’s technology platforms provide a wide range of high quality experimental support to researchers, and generate massive amounts of data. The impact of this data, and the long-term visibility and usefulness of what the platforms can deliver depends to a high degree on how the data is managed, and on the design of the whole study from start to finish.

With responsible openness and transparency as guiding principles, SciLifeLab Data Office will help researchers to fulfil requirements on open access and data publishing posed by funders or scientific journals.

The Data Office will also work with tracking the scientific impact of the generated data, including publications and data made accessible by the projects, to help the research community, clinicians or industry to browse and search the output.


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“Proposal for National Guidelines for Open Access to Scientific Information” (Swedish Research Council)

“Förslag till Nationella riktlinjer för öppen tillgång till vetenskaplig information” (Vetenskapsrådet, in Swedish)

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Data Office:

Johan Rung, Head of Data Office: