The foundation of SciLifeLab rests on three pillars: state of the art research infrastructure, a community of world-class researchers, and an extensive Data-Driven Life Science program (DDLS).

We organize our infrastructure technology and expertise into three themes, or capabilities: Planetary Biology, Precision Medicine, and Pandemic Laboratory Preparedness.

Planetary Biology

SciLifeLab’s Planetary Biology capability is sprung out of a need for trans-disciplinary and coordinated approaches to study life on earth, with a broad scope ranging from single molecules and cells to individual species, species communities, ecosystems, and their functioning on the planet. Simply speaking ”Life in environmental context”.

Precision Medicine

Health is individual and patients can benefit greatly from personalized treatments, tailored for their specific molecular disposition. This rapidly emerging field, known as Precision Medicine, relies on close collaboration between scientists and healthcare professionals. SciLifeLab aims to bring cutting-edge technologies and first-class expertise directly to hospitals, building the foundation of tomorrow’s data-driven Precision Medicine.

The Precision Medicine capability also navigates within the sensitive landscape of health data. We believe that this contributes to evidence-based, equal healthcare that benefit patients.

Pandemic Laboratory Preparedness

By engaging the entire SciLifeLab research community and utilizing our national infrastructure, SciLifeLab has delved into creating world-class capabilities for analyzing and inhibiting COVID-19 at the molecular, cellular, patient, population and environmental level. To achieve this, a number of initiatives have been launched, all of which focus on promoting national collaborations, team science and sharing data openly.

Last updated: 2024-04-24

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