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ADME of Therapeutics

UDOPP is the DDD-platform unit for absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion (ADME) and pharmaceutical profiling.

Advanced FISH Technologies

Advanced FISH Technologies(AFT) The AFT Facility enables researchers to access our extensive expertise of DNA and RNA single-molecule fluorescence in situ hybridization (smFISH) assays and our growing repository of oligo-based […]

Affinity Proteomics

Offers custom designed solutions for high-throughput analysis of proteins in body fluids with multiplexed immunoassays.

AIDA Data Hub

AIDA Data Hub The AIDA Data Hub offers Data Sharing, Policy, Support, and Services for the Swedish medical imaging diagnostics AI research and innovation community. The purpose is to gather, annotate, and share large […]

Ancient DNA

Use cleanroom labs and specialized molecular genetics techniques to extract, make libraries, sequence and analyze DNA in ancient and/or degraded biological material.

Autoimmunity and Serology Profiling

Offers analysis of the autoantibody repertoire in body fluids as well as antibody validation using custom designed protein and peptide arrays.

Biochemical and Cellular Assay

Biochemical and Cellular Assay The Biochemical and Cellular Assay unit provide the drug discovery projects in the DDD platform with enzymatic and cellular assays using microplate based technologies. We support […]

BioImage Informatics

The BioImage Informatics Unit provides the support and training you need to perform state-of-the-art analyses on your image data. Whether you are looking for training on how to use existing software solutions or help developing a custom workflow, you can get support from us.

Biophysical Screening and Characterization

The unit provides in depth information on interactions.

Chalmers Mass Spectrometry Infrastructure

Chalmers Mass Spectrometry Infrastructure The Chalmers Mass Spectrometry Infrastructure (CMSI) is a Chalmers infrastructure with the goal of providing cutting edge and efficient quantitative mass spectrometry and structural identification analyses […]

Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden

To explore complex biology, CBCS provides expertise and support in assay development, screening & chemistry to generate small molecules for applications in all life science research areas.

Chemical Proteomics

Chemical Proteomics The Chemical Proteomics unit (ChemProt) is a national unit expert on supporting drug discovery and development by proteome-wide deconvolution of targets and action mechanisms of small molecules. ChemProt has […]

Clinical Genomics

Develops and provides clinical genetic tests using state-of-the-art genomic methods, such as next-generation sequencing, for translational research and healthcare.

Clinical Genomics Göteborg

Clinical Genomics Göteborg Clinical Genomics Göteborg was established in January 2016 as a collaborative effort between the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg and Area 4, Laboratory Medicine at […]

Clinical Genomics Linköping

Clinical Genomics Linköping Clinical Genomics Linköping was established in 2019 as a regional distributed node of the Diagnostic and Development platform of SciLifeLab and the section of molecular genetics at […]

Clinical Genomics Lund

Clinical Genomics Lund Clinical Genomics Lund was established in 2016 as a joint strategic initiative between the Medical Faculty at Lund University and the Division of Laboratory Medicine, Medical Services, […]

Clinical Genomics Stockholm

Clinical Genomics Stockholm The Clinical Genomics Stockholm unit is a research infrastructure at Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) for large-scale, genomics-based analyses using next generation sequencing technologies. The unit assists […]

Clinical Genomics Umeå

Clinical Genomics Umeå Clinical Genomics Umeå is a joint venture between Umeå University and the clinical laboratories at Umeå University Hospital. It operates in a tight collaboration with Genomic Medicine […]

Clinical Genomics Uppsala

Clinical Genomics Uppsala Clinical Genomics Uppsala is jointly set up by Uppsala University, Uppsala University Hospital and SciLifeLab with the aim to catalyze the transition of novel research findings into […]

Clinical Genomics Örebro

Clinical Genomics Örebro Clinical Genomics Örebro was established in 2019 as a collaborative effort between the Department of Laboratory Medicine and the Clinical Research Laboratory (KFL) at Örebro University Hospital […]

CRISPR Functional Genomics

Pooled high-throughput CRISPR-Cas9 perturbation for genetic loss- and gain-of-function screens.


The Cryo-EM Swedish Infrastructure Unit offers access to state-of-the-art equipment and expertise in single particle cryo-EM and cryo-tomography (cryo-ET).

Display and Selection Technologies

Display & Selection Technologies The Display & Selection Technologies unit supports the development of therapeutic antibodies and single domain antibodies. The unit will assist by isolating human antibodies from in-house […]

Drug Discovery and Development Platform (DDD)

Generates small-molecule, antibody and oligonucleotide leads for further progression into therapeutic applications and support with target product profiling and safety assessment of the future drug

Eukaryotic Single Cell Genomics

Provides service for high-throughput single cell genomics analysis


National Facility for Exposomics The National Facility for Exposomics at SciLifeLab is coordinated by Stockholm University and the Department of Environmental Science (ACES). With expertise in small molecule mass spectrometry […]

Global Proteomics and Proteogenomics

Global Proteomics and Proteogenomics Proteogenomics is rapidly developing field in biological mass spectrometry that combines proteomics information with sample specific genomic and transcriptomics information. Applications in proteogenomics include discovery of […]

Glycoproteomics and MS Proteomics

Glycoproteomics and MS Proteomics The Proteomics Core Facility (PCF) at the University of Gothenburg provides access to expertise and instrumentation for advanced glycosylation, phosphorylation, protein quantification and many other proteomic […]

In Situ Sequencing

In Situ Sequencing The in situ sequencing (ISS) unit provides spatially resolved gene expression data for panels of genes at subcellular resolution. The technique has been developed in the lab of Mats […]

Integrated Microscopy Technologies

Support advanced light microscopy (ALM), electron microscopy (FIB-SEM) and correlative array tomography (CAT) projects

Medicinal Chemistry – Hit2Lead

The Medicinal Chemistry – Hit2Lead unit identifies promising early small molecule leads for further optimization.

Medicinal Chemistry – Lead Identification

The Medicinal Chemistry – Lead Identification unit will take on, explore, and optimize molecules in drug discovery projects.

National Bioinformatics Infrastructure (NBIS)

Provides custom-tailored support with data analysis, computational tools, systems development and training.

National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI)

The National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI) provides services for next generation sequencing and SNP genotyping on all scales using a comprehensive range of modern technology

NGI Stockholm

NGI Stockholm consists of two groups; Genomics Production and Genomics Applications Development, and offers state-of-the-art service in the rapidly developing field of massively parallel DNA sequencing.

NGI Uppsala

National Genomics Infrastructure – Uppsala NGI Uppsala offers next generation sequencing (NGS) and genotyping services of high quality using the latest technologies to academic researchers in Sweden and abroad. NGI […]

Spatial Mass Spectrometry

Spatial Mass Spectrometry Spatial mass spectrometry is a label-free method that allows for the visualization and quantitative analysis of the distribution of targeted or untargeted chemical species directly in tissue […]

Spatial omics

Provides services for a variety of tools for spatially resolved molecular profiling in tissue sections for both gene and protein expression.

Spatial Proteomics

Has a unique and near proteome wide collection of polyclonal antibodies. These reagents can be applied in your research project to perform targeted proteomics in cell lines and tissue sections.

Spatial Transcriptomics

Spatial Transcriptomics is a method that allows visualization and quantitative analysis of the transcriptome in individual tissue sections

Structural Proteomics

Structural Proteomics The Structural Proteomics infrastructure unit provides access to cutting-edge equipment and expertise, for analysis of protein interactions and conformational dynamics with mass spectrometry. The unit is part of […]

Support for Computational Resources

Support for Computational Resources The Support for Computational Resources unit works to improve the productivity of life science researchers using nationally available compute and storage resources, especially the NAISS-funded systems […]

Swedish Metabolomics Centre (SMC)

Performs targeted and untargeted mass spectrometry based analysis of metabolites and lipids. The focus is tailor-made solutions for researchers.

Swedish NMR Centre

Provide structure determination and dynamic characterization of proteins including their interactions with ligands and other biomolecules.

Target Product Profiling & Drug Safety Assessment

Target Product Profiling & Drug Safety Assessment This unit gives support to principal investigators and innovation agencies in preparing a first target product profile, assists with platform and project coordination, […]

Therapeutic Protein Engineering

The Protein Expression and Characterization unit provides recombinant proteins needed for biochemical screening and therapeutic applications as well as antigens for human antibody production using bacterial and mammalian expression systems.

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