2017-09-19, NEWS

Uppsala SensUs team receive international award for smartphone biosensor

The Uppsala SensUs student team of 2017 called UppSense has recently received a creativity award at the international SensUs competition at Eindhoven University of Technology. Team UppSense has been supported by SciLifeLab and were awarded for their design of a cheap biosensor which could allow patients to monitor the well-being of their heart at home using their […]

2017-09-19, NEWS

Exploring the relationship between epigenetic changes and protein biomarkers levels

A new study, published in PLOS Genetics, reveals that the associations found between epigenetic patterns and levels of protein biomarkers are likely to reflect the underlying pattern of genetic variants, specific environmental exposures or represent secondary effects following the disease pathogenesis.  The investigation, led by Åsa Johansson (Uppsala University/SciLifeLab), combined data on e.g. DNA methylation levels, an epigenetic feature, with measurements of  protein […]

2017-09-07, NEWS

Three SciLifeLab researchers get ERC Starting Grants 2017

Three researchers from the SciLifeLab community have received starting grants from the European Research Council, ERC, 2017. Tanja Slotte (Stockholm University/SciLifeLab), Marc Friedländer (Stockholm University/SciLifeLab), both SciLifeLab fellows, and SciLifeLab faculty member Maria Tenje (Uppsala University/SciLifeLab) all receive up to EUR 1.5 million for up to 5 years. ERC Starting Grants are designed to support young research leaders with proven potential […]

2017-09-06, NEWS

Potential new indications of Temodex revealed through Drug Discovery and Development platform project

Double Bond Pharmaceutical has during the summer carried out and completed a successful collaborative project with the In vitro and Systems Pharmacology facility within the SciLifeLab Drug Discovery and Development platform.  The goal was to deepen the knowledge about the pharmacological and cytotoxic effects of the drug Temodex in vitro in different human brain cancer cell lines. Temodex is […]

2017-08-30, NEWS

Welcoming a new student class to joint Master’s programme

On August 24, this year’s class of the Master’s Programme in Molecular Techniques in Life Science begun their studies. We wish them a great two years at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology  – and, of course, at SciLifeLab. The Master’s Programme is a unique collaboration between the three universities and the students […]

2017-08-30, NEWS

Frontline techniques reveal immune system dynamics after immunotherapy

By combining new systems biological analyses and advanced data analysis, a recent study led by Petter Brodin (Karolinska Institutet/SciLifeLab) have been able to monitor the maturation process of the immune system in leukaemia patients who have undergone stem cell transplantation. The findings reveal patterns that can be linked to clinical complications in the patients. Allogeneic […]

2017-08-29, NEWS

New candidate gene for dyslexia discovered

A new study, led by Juha Kere (KI/SciLifeLab), has uncovered a link between a variant of the NCAN gene and developmental dyslexia. The results, published in Scientific Reports, also shows that this NCAN type is associated with volumes of certain brain regions in young adults and infants.  Developmental dyslexia involves troubles with accurate and/or fluent word recognition and spelling, despite sufficient intelligence and […]

2017-08-23, NEWS

Millions of novel genetic variants found in 1000 Swedish individuals

The results from the SweGen project are published today. Within the SweGen project, large-scale DNA sequencing methods were used to analyse the whole genome of 1000 individuals from different parts of the country. In total 33 million genetic variants were detected, of which 10 million are novel and not reported in current databases. The variant […]

2017-08-23, NEWS

Novel drug targets for treating fatty liver disease and liver cancer identified

The quest for effective treatment against liver cancer and fatty liver disease, has made huge progress as a study led by SciLifeLab Fellow Adil Mardinoglu (KTH) has identified a number of drug targets that can be used in the development of new efficient treatment strategies with minimum side effects. The results were published in Molecular […]