2018-05-18, NEWS

Phospholipid beads alternative for estimating drug binding inside cells

A novel study led by Per Artursson (Uppsala University/SciLifeLab) demonstrates that phospholipid content within cells is a major determinant for how large portion of an administered drug that is available to exert its action. It also suggests pure phospholipid beads as a cell-free alternative for assessing drug binding in cells. The results are published in […]

2018-05-15, NEWS

Lennart Philipson award to Mikael Sellin

Mikael Sellin has been granted the Lennart Philipson award 2018 for his innovative work on bacterial gastrointestinal infections. He has developed a unique organ model for studying how bacteria, like Salmonella, penetrate cells in the intestine and how they interact with cellular components. The grant sum is SEK 1 million per year for two years, including a […]

2018-05-14, NEWS

Business council delegation from Saudi Arabia visits SciLifeLab

As part of the third annual meeting of the Saudi-Swedish Joint Business Council (SSJBC), a business council delegation from the Saudi Chamber of Commerce visited SciLifeLab Solna on May 9 to learn more of the research and innovation taking place in the Swedish life science sector. ____ The delegation was greeted by Strategic Relations Officer Lars […]

2018-05-14, NEWS

Precision Cancer Medicine focus of SciLifeLab seminar at Keystone Symposia

On May 9, SciLifeLab arranged a lunch seminar on Cutting-Edge Technologies in Precision Cancer Medicine during the three-day Keystone Symposia taking place in Stockholm. The conference was also co-organized by SciLifeLab. The seminar featured several researchers and facilities from SciLifeLab, highlighting large-scale sequencing efforts carried out in different cancer types, which have paved the way […]

2018-05-09, NEWS

Swedish Microfluidics Network launched at SciLifeLab

A network for the promotion of research and education in microfluidics was recently launched at a conference at SciLifeLab. Microfluidics is a research area that deals with fluids on the micrometer scale, the scale of human cells. Microfluidics is a key enabling technology for genomics and point-of-care (POC) diagnostics and is finding uses throughout the […]

2018-05-07, NEWS

Japanese delegation visits SciLifeLab

A large delegation from Japan including Toshimitsu Motegi (minister for economic revitalisation and economic reform) and Jun Yamasaki (Japanese ambassador to Sweden) visited SciLifeLab in Solna on Thursday May 3rd as a part of the minister’s visit to Sweden during the week. The delegation was introduced to SciLifeLab and it’s key focus areas, ongoing collaborations between […]

2018-05-04, NEWS

Laying the foundation for a precision medicine approach to treat glioblastoma – a SciLifeLab National Sequencing Project

  Five months ago, a glioblastoma sequencing study led by Professor Karin Forsberg Nilsson was granted funding through the SciLifeLab National Projects initiative. We met her at the Rudbeck Laboratory in Uppsala to learn more about the team’s work to advance the knowledge of this particularly aggressive form of brain cancer. A few weeks ago, the very […]