Karin Forsberg Nilsson included in the Swedish government’s advisory group for life science

The Swedish government recently appointed an advisory group tasked with contributing to updating the national life science strategy. It includes experts from academia, industry, and healthcare. One of the members of the group is Karin Forsberg Nilsson, a SciLifeLab researcher, professor at Uppsala University, and dean of the faculty of medicine.

We contacted Karin to inquire about her participation in the advisory group.

What does the inclusion mean to you personally and what can you provide to the council?

“It’s an honor to be appointed to the government’s advisory group for life science. I will leverage my experience in medical research and research strategy with academic leadership, to support the group. Having also worked in the pharma industry and at the Swedish Research Council, I can contribute an overview of the life science landscape.”

What contributions do you hope the council can make?

“It is an important group, since life science is a cornerstone of Swedish research and innovation. To continue to be successful, Sweden needs to invest, but also prioritize. These are vital questions for the future of our healthcare.”

How do you view SciLifeLab’s current position within the Swedish Life Science sector?

“SciLifeLab has built a world-class research community, and excellent research infrastructures and is definitively a major actor in Swedish life science. As a former member of the SciLifeLab management team, I’m proud of the role SciLifeLab plays. Not the least looking back to when we started the Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) platform. An innovation bridge between university and industrial research.”


Last updated: 2024-04-24

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