SciLifeLab is a national resource for molecular biosciences. As such, collaboration is at the heart of our operations and we offer access to advanced technologies and services for all sectors, ranging from academic research groups, health care providers, industry, governmental authorities, teachers and students throughout Sweden. 

SciLifeLab today comprises more than 40 infrastructure units, and a research community of more than 1000 people distributed across Sweden. The latest technologies combined with the scientific expertise available within SciLifeLab provide a unique environment for research in the fields of biomedicine and environment. 

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The SciLifeLab External Relations Office serves to build stronger ties with industrial, health care, and international research communities, acknowledging the importance of multisectorial collaboration when addressing complex questions of modern Life Science. 

We see a growing interest and great potential in expanding our collaborations to fully utilize SciLifeLab as an infrastructure promoting not only excellent science, but also innovation and increased value, economic growth, and societal benefit. 

We work to facilitate interactions between relevant partners and serve both internal and external stakeholders. We are always happy to discuss how we can guide you or work together with your organization, please feel free to get in touch.

The abbreviation is tricky but our offer is not!

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Academic collaboration, industry/academia collaborations, drop-in sessions to discuss you project, innovation coaching, technology development projects and infrastructure service are some examples of how to interact and make use of the SciLifeLab offerings. The research infrastructures are available for academia, health care and industry. With more than 40 different units and state of the art technology there is an amazing set of tools obtainable. Availability, access mode and prize differ between units and depends on the specific requested project or experiment to be performed. Explore the range of technology we offer and make enquiries by visiting the separate platform or unit of interest.

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  • What does it cost to use technologies and expertise from SciLifeLab?
  • How do you prioritize among projects?
  • What’s the waiting time for analysis and/or feedback?
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Last updated: 2023-01-25

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