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Ellen Sherwood, Head of unit Genomics Production

Recent user publications

The publications in this database are the result of research conducted at the units of SciLifeLab – both in user projects and technology development.

National Genomics Infrastructure – Stockholm

NGI Stockholm consists of two groups; Genomics Production and Genomics Applications Development, and offers state-of-the-art service in the rapidly developing field of massively parallel DNA sequencing.  Genomics Production offers library preparation and high-throughput sequencing followed by data processing and best practice analysis for a variety of well established applications. Genomics Production is Swedac accredited, which ensure that projects are completed in accordance with rigorous quality standards. Genomics Applications Development collaborates with researchers on applications not supported by Genomics Production.

Using the unit

For any other inquiries, including specific questions about the services, please e-mail NGI Stockholm at


Applications Development

Anja Mezger (Unit Manager)
Robert Månsson-Welinder (Head of Strategic Relations)
Alfred Kedhammar
Anandashankar Anil
Fahri Hasby
Helena Parra Acero
Hooman Aghelpasand
Johannes Alneberg
Jörg Bachmann
Matthias Hörtenhuber
Matthias Zepper
Nick Crang
Orlando Contreras-Lòpez
Remi-Andre Olsen
Salvatore Nania

The Eukaryotic Single Cell Genomics

Abrahan Hernández
Anastasios Glaros
Gina Hendo
Samaneh Masoumi

Genomics Production

Ellen Sherwood (Head of Unit)
Alma Hansen
Christian Natanaelsson
Chuan Wang
Eunkyoung Choi
Franziska Bonath
Hamid Darban
Helena Zajac
Jun Wang
Laìa Masvidal Sanz
Lina Sylwan
Magdalena Rydén
Maja Marklund
Maria Gyftea
Pär Lundin
Sara Sjunnebo
Shan Chen
Sidra Manzoor
Sofia Haglund

Project Coordinators

Elísabet Einarsdóttir
Kristina Benevides
Mattias Ormestad
Renuka Kudva
Xesús Abalo

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