Integrated Microscopy Technologies



Ana Agostinho (SIM, STED, SMLM, ExM support)

Stefan Wennmalm (FCS, FCCS, FRET-FCS, STED-FCS support)

Steven Edwards (Light-sheet & Lattice light-sheet support)


Sara Henriksson (FIB-SEM support)

Julia Fernandez-Rodriguez (CAT support)

Rafael Camacho (CAT support)

Recent user publications

The publications in this database are the result of research conducted at the units of SciLifeLab – both in user projects and technology development.


ALM Staff

Hjalmar Brismar, Platform Scientific Director ALM & Platform Scientific Director CMI

Hans Blom, Head of ALM Unit

Ana Agostinho, Application Expert Super-resolution Microscopy support

Stefan Wennmalm, Manager FCS support

Steven Edwards, Manager Light-Sheet & Lattice Light-Sheet Microscopy support

Integrated Microscopy Technologies

Support Advanced Light Microscopy (ALM), Electron Microscopy (FIB-SEM) and Correlative Array Tomography (CAT) projects nationally

LINK to FIB-SEM support at Umeå Center for Electron Microscopy

LINK to CAT support at Center for Cellular Imaging in Gothenburg

If you want SUPPORT, please register in our national project portal and submit your application.

Advanced Light Microscopy

The mission of the Advanced Light Microscopy (ALM) national unit is to give support with superresolution fluorescence microscopy for nanoscale biological visualisation (SIM, STED, SMLM, ExM, MINFLUX). In addition the unit support single molecule measurement and analysis with fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS/FCCS/FRET-FCS), and combined with superresolution for nanoscale dynamical studies (STED-FCS, MINFLUX tracking). Moreover, support with light-sheet fluorescence microscopy (LSFM) allow users to image live and/or optically cleared larger samples at unprecedented volumetric speed with low phototoxity. Single cell ultra-fast volumetric imaging of biological processes at high-resolution is provided by lattice light-sheet microscopy (LLSM).


Support is done to all stages of the project including (pre)planning, sample optimization, fluorescent probe selection, image acquisition, and initial post-acquisition image processing.

  • Super-resolution microscopy (SIM, STED, SMLM, ExM, MINFLUX) – nanoscale cellular imaging of fixed or living samples, and cleared/expanded tissue.
  • Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy – single molecule spectroscopy measurement and analysis to evaluate interaction, aggregation, mobility, dynamics.
  • Light-sheet microscopy – fast, volumetric imaging of organoids, model organisms and cleared/expanded tissues.
  • Lattice light-sheet microscopy – fast high-resolution volumetric imaging of cellular processes in mammalian and plant cells.

Transfer of unique knowledge to individual researchers are supported nationally, including organization of workshops and courses in advanced fluorescence imaging and spectroscopy applications and method developments.

Unit video link:



  • Investigation of molecular architecture of sub-cellular entities.
  • Organization and localization in cell biology with sub-diffraction resolution.


  • Analysis of receptor-receptor, ligand-receptor, protein-protein, protein-peptide and protein-vesicle interactions in solutions and in living cells
  • Aggregation and affinity analysis at single molecule concentration levels in solutions

Light-sheet / Lattice Light-sheet

  • Live: Embryogenesis and Organogenesis (e.g. in Zebrafish)
  • Live: 3D cell culture imaging using spheroids, tissue and organotypic culture
  • Imaging optically cleared/expanded samples (e.g. CLARITY, CUBIC-R/X, ExM)
  • Rapid, sub-cellular volumetric imaging of biological processes (LLS)


  • SMLM. Zeiss ElyraPS1/7 3D PRILM.
  • SIM/SIM2. Zeiss ElyraPS1/7 3D SIM
  • AIRY2/FCS. Zeiss LSM980
  • FCS. Zeiss LSM780
  • Light-sheet. Zeiss Z.1
  • Lattice light-sheet. Zeiss LL7
  • MINFLUX. Abberior 2D/3D dual-color.

Support from the ALM unit

International users may also apply through the Euro-BioImaging project portal.

Zebrafish embryo development acquired on the Zeiss Light-Sheet Z.1

ER and Mitochondria activity acquired on the Zeiss Lattice Lightsheet 7
Cleared Embryonic Rat Kidney with H and E mimicking stain, acquired on the Zeiss Light-Sheet Z.1
Thy1 GFP mouse hippocampus, acquired on the Zeiss Light-Sheet Z.1

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ALM, Gamma 3
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171 21 Solna

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ALM/Scilifelab gamma-3
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171 65 Solna

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