Clinical Genomics Örebro

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Gisela Helenius, Platform Scientific Director

Bianca Stenmark, Head of Unit

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Clinical Genomics Örebro

Clinical Genomics Örebro was established in 2019 as a collaborative effort between the Department of Laboratory Medicine and the Clinical Research Laboratory (KFL) at Örebro University Hospital together with Örebro University.


Clinical Genomics Örebro has organized its services around focus areas including cancer, rare diseases, complex diseases and microbiology.

  • Support with project design
  • Quality control of samples prior to analysis
  • Clinical exome sequencing
  • Microbial whole-genome sequencing
  • Targeted panels (contact us for detailed information)
  • Ready-made libraries (prepared by collaborator)
  • Bioinformatics support
  • Clinical interpretation of variants


  • Cancer
  • Rare disease
  • Microbiology
  • Complex diseases
  • Informatics


Library preparation:

  • Ion Chef
  • Various systems for QC and quantification

Sequencing systems:

  • NextSeq (Illumin)
  • MiSeq (Illumina)
  • Ion S5 (Thermo Fisher)
  • MinION (Oxford Nanopore)


  • 48 TB Storage
  • CLC Genomics Server Software (Qiagen)
  • CLC work node 384 GB RAM, 72 cores
  • SeqSphere (Ridom GmbH)
  • Ion Reporter local server 128 GB RAM, 15 TB storage, 20 cores

Using the unit

Gisela Helenius
Platform Scientific Director

Bianca Stenmark
Head of Unit

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