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Mats Ohlin, Platform Scientific Director
Per-Åke Nygren, Platform Scientific Director
Mats Persson, Platform Scientific Director


Eirini Kalliara
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Display & Selection Technologies

The Display & Selection Technologies unit supports the development of therapeutic antibodies and single domain antibodies. The unit will assist by isolating human antibodies from in-house constructed IP free phage libraries towards target proteins as suggested by the partner PI. It will be of critical importance that the partner PI has substantial knowledge and know-how of the target protein/biological system, either from a clinical or basic scientific perspective. The objective is to deliver a reasonable number of candidate clones for further in vivo characterization in collaboration with the partner PI.


  • Generation of well-characterized human antibodies for therapy
    • Selection and cloning of monoclonal, high-affinity human antibody fragments from IP free phage display libraries
    • Re-cloning, expression and purification of isolated antibodies as full-length format IgG molecules
    • Initial characterization of the isolated antibodies, including e.g. DNA/amino acid sequence, binding specificity and selectivity, affinity, stability, aggregation, epitope mapping
    • Assessment of function and biological potency of the antibodies using in vitro assays
  • Collaborate in the design of relevant assays for biological potency of the antibodies, and in the design of proof-of-concept studies
  • Consulting at the pre-project proposal stage with potential partner PIs on project design


  • Highly diverse IP free human antibody phage libraries
  • Single domain antibody library is under construction
  • Fully equipped pro- and eukaryotic cell culture laboratories
  • Protein purification ÄKTA systems
  • SPR Biacore 8K
  • ELISA work station
  • KingFisher Flex system
  • iQue Plus flow cytometer
  • NanoDSF Prometheus
  • Isothermal titration calorimeter

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