Autoimmunity and Serology Profiling

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Ronald Sjöberg, Head of Unit
Elisa Pin, Researcher
Eni Andersson, Research engineer
Ceke Hellström, Research engineer
Jennie Olofsson, Research engineer
Lovisa Skoglund, Research engineer

Associated staff, Nilsson Lab

Peter Nilsson, Platform Scientific Director
Anna Månberg, Researcher
Sofia Bergström, Researcher
August Jernbom Falk, PhD Student
Sara Mravinacova, PhD Student
Shaghayegh Bayati, PhD Student

Autoimmunity and serology profiling

The Autoimmunity and serology profiling unit provides infrastructure and technologies for analysis of the autoantibody repertoire in body fluids and antibody validation using custom designed protein and peptide arrays.

Supported by the resource of more than 42 000 unique human protein fragments generated within the Human Protein Atlas, representing more than 18 000 human protein coding genes, we offer proteome wide screening for autoantibody reactivity on large microarrays, as well as downstream solutions for investigation of autoantibody repertoires in hundreds of patient samples in parallel. Instrumentation and know-how is available for generating customized spotted protein microarrays as well as measurement and analysis of commercially available protein microarrays.


  • The main lab have gone through a reconstruction to reach bio safety level 2 standard which enable a higher throughput of biological samples requiring a higher level of safety.


  • Autoantibody profiling
  • Epitope mapping
  • Antibody validation
  • Infrastructure for commercial protein arrays

Proposed projects are assessed and prioritized according to the following model.

1) Initial assessment by unit:

  • Technical feasibility and suitability
  • Required capacity and resources for the project

2) Project prioritization by committee:

  • Scientific potential
  • Supporting preliminary data
  • Significance of unit specific technique for project
  • Supports unit development (competence and techniques)


  • Profiling the autoantibody repertoire in plasma, serum or CSF by screening on microarrays of randomly selected antigens.
  • Verification of autoantibody profiles on suspension bead arrays with selected antigens.
  • Epitope mapping and off-target analysis of affinity reagents as well as identified autoantibodies on antigen or peptide microarrays.


  • Access to affinity reagents and high density arrays.
    • 42 100 mass spectrometry validated antigens (protein fragments) from the Human Protein Atlas project.
    • High density antigen array containing 42 100 protein fragments from the Human Protein Atlas
  • Liquid-handling: Tecan FLUENT, 2x Tecan EVO150, CyBio® SELMA.
  • Microarray printer: Arrayjet Super Marathon with JetMosphere Max™ controlled environment.
  • Microarray scanner: Innopsys InnoScan 1100 AL 3-channel ultra-high resolution.
  • Bead array instruments: 4x FLEXMAP 3D and 1x MAGPIX, all from Luminex®.
  • Plate washer: 2x Biotek EL406.


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Autoimmunity Profiling Unit
Box 1031
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Ronald Sjöberg
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