Clinical Genomics Linköping

Infrastructure Unit


Tobias Strid, Head of unit


Peter Söderkvist, Platform Scientific Director

Tobias Strid, Head of unit

Jyotirmoy Das, Bioinformatician

Massimiliano Volpe, Bioinformatician

Annette Molbaek, Research engineer

Åsa Schippert, Research engineer


Clinical Genomics Linköping

Clinical Genomics Linköping was established in 2019 as a regional distributed node of the Diagnostic and Development platform of SciLifeLab and the section of molecular genetics at the Linköping University Core unit. CG Linköping is organized at the medical faculty and operates in close collaboration with the clinical NGS platform at the University hospital in Linköping forming the local Genomic Medicine Sweden node GMC-south east.


Clinical Genomics Linköping provides a research hub and infrastructure for molecular genetic analyses serving basic and clinical scientists. It has organized its services around focus areas including cancer, rare diseases, complex diseases and microbiology translating research to the clinical setting and implementation in health care.

  • Development of molecular diagnostic tests
  • Molecular profiling for research and clinical trials
  • Targeted and short-read sequencing
  • Gene expression and gene fusion analysis
  • Single-cell sequencing
  • Array-based analyses
  • Digital droplet PCR
  • Microbial WGS and resistance typing
  • Clinical interpretation of variants


  • Cancer
  • Rare disease
  • Microbiology
  • Clinical Interpretation of data.


Sequencing systems:

  • NextSeq 500 (Illumina)
  • MiSeq (Illumina)
  • GeneReader (Qiagen)
  • MinION (Oxford Nanopore)
  • ABI 3500 sequencer (Sanger sequencing)

Other technologies:

  • Digital droplet PCR-system (BioRad)
  • Single-cell library system (BioRad and 10X genomics)
  • Affymetrix microarray
  • Fragment analyzer (Bioanalyzer, Advanced analytical)


  • CLC Genomics Server Software (Qiagen)
  • Sentieon
  • Open source resources

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