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Valtteri Wirta

Anna Gellerbring (project coordinator)

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Valtteri Wirta,  Head of unit & Platform Scientific Coordinator

Emma Sernstad, Production manager bioinformatics

Anna Leinfelt, Quality assurance manager

Henrik Stranneheim, Technical lead, Team leader bioinformatics and IT

Mikael Laaksonen

Patrik Grenfeldt

Barry Stokman

Maya Brandi

Anders Jemt

Cecilia Svensson

Keyvan Elhami

Måns Magnusson

Anna Zetterlund, Production manager lab

Anna Gellerbring, Project coordinator

Chiara Rasi

Anna Lyander, Team leader lab

Moa Hägglund

Hassan Foroughi Asl

Henning Onsbring

Karl Nyrén

Moe Darrah

Eleonora Maccacaro

Ashwini Jeggari

Maria Ropat

Ida Lindegaard

Rasmus Burge

Susanne Månér

Maria Salli

Vasileios Evripidis Kyriakidis

Karolin Storck

Linnea Le Fleur

Erik Sjölund

Sascha Conradt

Marcela Gallardo

Olina Lind

Mei Wu

Ramprasad Neethiraj

Tanja Normark

Khurram Maqbool

Vadym Ivanchuk

Vincent Janvid

Clinical Genomics Stockholm

The Clinical Genomics Stockholm unit provides a dedicated research infrastructure for projects utilising massively parallel / next generation sequencing technologies. All projects are carried out in close collaboration with the Swedish healthcare system. The unit serves as a competence center assisting the translation of genomics-based tools to routine clinical care. All work is carried out in close collaboration with medical expertise provided by the clinical diagnostic laboratories and patients’ managing physicians. Also, the unit aims to improve the capacity of the public health microbiology for national surveillance of infectious diseases and for epidemic preparedness.


  • DNA sequencing using short-read sequencing
    • Clinical whole-genome sequencing
    • Clinical exome sequencing
    • Microbial whole-genome sequencing (bacteria and virus)
    • Metagenomic sequencing
    • Targeted panels using various bait sets for myeloid and lymphoid malignancies and solid tumours (contact for detailed information)
    • RNA Seq using both poly A based priming
    • Ready-made libraries for rapid turnaround time sequencing (prepared by collaborator)


  • Large-scale analyses of the human genome and transcriptome, including targeted panels, exomes and whole genomes.
  • Microbial analyses based on whole genome sequencing.

Current focus areas include inherited diseases, cancers and microbial surveillance applications. We are continuously looking for additional applications to expand the current focus areas.


Library preparation

  • Covaris E220 DNA fragmentation
  • Agilent Bravo Configuration B systems
  • Hamilton liquid handling systems
  • Various systems for QC and quantification

Sequencing systems

  • Illumina NovaSeq 6000
  • Illumina iSeq

IT & compute systems

  • Virtualised server farm for running key services
  • On-prem large scale storage
  • On-prem high performance computing

Accessing the services

If you are interested in more information, please contact Valtteri Wirta (Head of unit and Platform Scientific Director).


Open positions

Our current job openings can be found at SciLifeLab Vacancies section, or either at KI or KTH websites.

We encourage spontaneous applications, especially for bioinformatic or IT related positions, as we see the need to further recruitments in these areas.

We are also looking for motivated masters students in following areas: bioinformatics and software development . Interested candidates are kindly requested to send in a CV and an application letter (free format) describing motivation as well as previously acquired key strengths. Please send material to

Mail address

Clinical Genomics, Gamma 4  
Box 1031 
171 21 Solna

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Clinical Genomics, Gamma 4
Tomtebodavägen 23A 
171 65 Solna

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