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Clinical Talks is back for more! With a brand new and shiny Season 6. After successfully completing 5 seasons with > 70 enthusiastic Clinical Talkers to our record, we have barely scratched the surface of all the amazing work our clinical, academic and industry Life Science community has to offer. Thus, Season 6, will feature at least ten more Clinical Talks according to ”the same procedure as every year.”

The Talks will be held via ZOOM monthly on Fridays 09:00-09:30 am (exceptions will occur). The short talks will be followed by an interactive Q&A session moderated by the Clinical Talks co-hosts Päivi Östling and/or Michael Akhras. A novelty for this season will be invited guest appearances of moderators with unique subject matter expertise to complement the Speaker.

The theme of Season 6 will be “Making the Impossible Possible.” The invited Speakers who in their unique way embody their Sisyphus-like struggle to embark on seemingly impossible projects, transformations and technological dreams. Which are subsequently turned into reality with huge potentials for our common societal benefit. This is all done with their hard work and impressive dedication, and for some, once completed, they start all over again with new projects and barriers to tear down.

Our post-pandemic world has lately been facing multiple challenges, and for a brief moment, why not emerge in the potentials academic, clinical, and industrial research, and technology development has to offer in terms of novel solutions moving forward. So join us, get inspired, learn something new, and make valuable contacts for the future to come…

The events are organized in collaboration between Karolinska Institutet Innovations AB and SciLifeLab ,and brought to you by Colibri Ventures.


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Last updated: 2022-09-29

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