2019-08-22 16:00 - 2019-08-22 17:00, Seminar | Stockholm

Annual Lecture in Structural Biology by Jennifer Doudna

Jennifer Doudna will give the lecture entitled ‘A Structural View of CRISPR and Genome Editing’ on Thursday 22th August 2019 at 4.00pm in the Biomedicum Lecture Theatre. The annual lecture series is set up in the recognition of Fritiof Sjöstrand’s contribution to the development of electron microscopy and will be delivered by eminent scientists in […]

2019-08-22 09:30 - 2019-08-22 10:30, Seminar | Stockholm

Jennifer Doudna career discussion with students and postdocs

Jennifer Doudna will give an account of her career path and discuss with students and postdocs at 09.30 in the SciLifeLab Air&Fire auditorium. Since the number of places is limited, please register below to participate in this session. While Jennifer has been receiving prestigious awards, she frequently comments that much of it was down to […]

2019-08-26 - 2019-08-28, Event | Stockholm

The Dynamics of Life

RCP Symposium Venue: Djurönäset Conference Hotel, Seregardsvagen 1, 139 02 Djurhamn Invited speakers: Xiaowei Zhuang, Harvard Medical School Mark Skehel, MRC-LMB Cambridge Suliana Manley, EPFL Lausanne Klaus Hahn, North Carolina Greg Bowman, Johns Hopkins Jasenko Zivanov, ETH Zurich The symposium brings together researchers using visualization and mass-spectrometry for fundamental discoveries with those exploring new technologies to […]

2019-09-02 15:15 - 2019-09-03 15:00, Seminar | Tomtebodavägen 23a

SciLifeLab The Svedberg seminar series- Kim Janda; Biologics for the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders

Prof. Kim D. Janda from the Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA, USA, will have two seminars about the Biologics for the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders

2019-09-24 12:30 - 2019-09-25 17:00, Event | Uppsala

Unlocking the past: Ancient DNA symposium

Analysis of ancient DNA provides an increasingly important contribution to understanding our past. Combined with other archaeological practices, ancient DNA analysis provide insight into traits, ancestry, and migration of humans, animals and plants. The symposium includes an overview of the field, in-depth presentations of projects, panel debate, a public lecture, social activities, and a symposium dinner on Sept. 24. The event is aimed at archaeologists, museum staff, geneticists, national and local government representatives, and others who are interested in the analysis of ancient DNA.

2019-09-26 09:00 - 2019-09-26 12:00, Symposium | Stockholm

SciLifeLab-symposium in Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy

The Advanced Light Microscopy facility at SciLifeLab cordially welcomes you to a symposium covering advanced applications of super-resolution fluorescence imaging from world leading experts.   Time: 2019-09-26, klockan 09:00-12:50 Place: KTH main campus – Ångdomen; Osquars backe 31 in Stockholm.   PROGRAM 09:00 am: Structured Illumination Microscopy Rainer Heintzmann – University of Jena, Germany 09:50 […]

2019-09-30 - 2019-10-01, Event | Stockholm

Facility Forum 2019

SAVE THE DATE: September 30, 2019, Djurönäset, Stockholm. A two-day conference devoted to SciLifeLab Infrastructure. We offer inspiring talks, urgent infrastructure topics in parallel sessions and a mingling dinner with entertainment in the evening.

2019-10-10 09:30 - 2019-10-11 18:00, Event | Stockholm

Postrevolution Cryo-EM: Reaping the benefits while looking to the future

October 10-11 2019, Biomedicum lecture theatre, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm   The 2nd CryoNet Annual Symposium will highlight the latest discoveries in protein-nucleic acid complexes along with a view to the future of cryo-EM. Alongside presentations on important biological results will be exciting methodological advances emphasizing that cryo-EM is still in a major growth phase. Students and postdocs are encouraged […]

2019-11-08 08:00 - 2019-11-08 15:00, Event | Uppsala

Minisymposium: Autotrophy in extreme environments

This event is part of a series of workshops covering various research themes central for SciLifeLab. The topic of this workshop is Biodiversity – Autotrophy in extreme environments, and will take place at SLU in Uppsala on 8 November 2019. There will be ample time for discussion, as the aim is to stimulate collaborations. The event is open […]

2019-11-14 09:00 - 2019-11-14 17:00, Event | Uppsala

2nd Symposium on Plasma Profiling

At the 2ndSymposium on Plasma Profiling, recent advances and applications for the analysis of proteins and metabolites in plasma and other body fluids will be presented. During the morning session, the different state-of-the-art capabilities of SciLifeLab Proteomics and Metabolomics Platform will be introduced. The afternoon session then provides examples of how these assays and different technologies have been employed to advance research projects in plasma analysis across different disease areas.

2019-12-12, Event | Stockholm

Science & SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists: Grand symposium 2019

SAVE THE DATE December 12, 2019 The Science & SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists is a global prize, established in 2013, aimed at rewarding scientists at an early stage of their careers. Science/AAAS and SciLifeLab, a coordinated effort of four universities, have joined forces in creating the Science & SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists to recognize excellence amongst young researchers from […]