BioImage Analysis support – Call4Help

Every 1st week of the month (mainly on Tuesdays, but there might be exceptions) the BioImage Informatics Facility together with microscopy expert Sylvie Le Guyader (LCI, Karolinska Institutet) organizes a Call4Help session. […]

Bioimage Informatics Unit
Online event via Zoom

RaukR, Advanced R for Bioinformatics – Online workshop

In Life Science and Bioinformatics, R is increasingly being used to transform and analyse data, perform statistical analysis and produce publication-ready visualisations. This workshop will focus on advanced R functionality, to increase the participants skillset and understanding of what is possible to do today.

NBIS – National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden
Online event via Zoom

SciLifeLab Group Leader Retreat

We warmly welcome all SciLifeLab Group Leaders to take part in the  SciLifeLab’s Group Leader Retreat 2022, June 14-15, at the Aronsborg conference center in Bålsta. In December 2019, the SciLifeLab […]

SciLifeLab Event
Aronsborg Konferenshotell Helgövägen 7, Bålsta

Summer School in Transcriptomics during Development and Cancer

Come to this beautiful Swedish inland scenario to learn the most advanced technologies to study transcriptional regulation.Sandvik Gård, a beautiful conference centre and spa, majestically situated on a lake in […]

NMMP – National Molecular Medicine Fellows Programme
Sandvik Gård Sandvik Gård 1, Åby

Integrative Structural Biology Course

InfraLife is preparing a course in integrative structural biology where we cover not only the basics of state-of-the-art structural biology techniques, but also how to combine the information to address […]


Snakemake BYOC (bring-your-own-code) workshop (ONLINE)

National workshop open for PhD students (prioritized), postdocs, researchers and others from all Swedish universities who have previously participated in the NBIS Tools for reproducible research course or with demonstrated experience in writing Snakemake workflows.

NBIS – National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden
Online event via Zoom

Introduction to biostatistics and machine learning

National course open for PhD students, postdocs, researchers and other employees in need of biostatistical skills within all Swedish universities. The course is geared towards life scientists wanting to be able to understand and use basic statistical methods. It would also suit those already applying biostatistical methods but have never got a chance to reflect on and truly grasp the basic statistical concepts, such as the commonly misinterpreted p-value.

NBIS – National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden
Navet, SciLifeLab, Uppsala SciLifeLab Uppsala, BMC (Entrance: C11), Husargatan 3,, Uppsala

Epigenomics Data Analysis: from Bulk to Single Cell (ONLINE)

National workshop open for PhD students, postdocs, researchers and other employees within Swedish academia. This course is run by the National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden (NBIS).

NBIS – National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden
Online event via Zoom

Long-Read Sequencing Uppsala Meeting 2022

In recent years, long-read DNA sequencing has replaced short-read technologies as the gold standard solution for a wide range of genomics applications. In addition to producing high quality de novo genome assembly, long-read technologies […]

National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI)
Universitetsaulan Biskopsgatan 3, Uppsala