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Bringing life science professionals together and furthering skills in the scientific community are in SciLifeLab’s DNA. Our many events and courses, which span a wide range of topics, present opportunities to develop your know-how and share your own experiences and network – sparking new ideas, as well as new collaborations. 


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Introduction to Biostatistics and Machine Learning

The course is geared towards life scientists wanting to be able to understand and use basic statistical methods.

NBIS – National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden
Navet, SciLifeLab, Uppsala SciLifeLab Uppsala, BMC (Entrance: C11), Husargatan 3,, Uppsala

Three Decades of Genomics:  From PCR to Precision Medicine

This open symposium brings together Ann-Christine Syvänens former colleagues from Finland, as well as coworkers and former students in Uppsala to celebrate the progress in Human Genomics during the past three decades and future prospects for Genomics in Precision Medicine.

NGI-Uppsala, SNP&SEQ Technology platform
BMC, The Svedberg Lecture Hall (B8) Husargatan 3, Uppsala

Nordic Precision Medicine Forum

Following the success over the past 6 year of our annual Nordic Precision Medicine Forum we are excited to announce that in 2023 we have a new venue and TWO […]

SciLifeLab Precision Medicine Capability
München Bryggeriet Torkel Knutssongatan 2, Stockholm

Matchmaking Event: Data Science and Medical/Clinical/Healthcare Research Project Call 2024

Welcome to a matchmaking in SciLifeLab between Data Science and Medical/Clinical/Healthcare research at Karolinska Institutet, KTH and Region Stockholm, related to the Health, Medicine and Technology (HMT) Project Call 2024 (opens on […]

KTH Life Science Platform and KTH Digitalization Platform
Air&Fire, SciLifeLab Stockholm Tomtebodavägen 23 A, Solna

EMBL-SciLifeLab Data Science workshop

We would like to cordially invite members of the SciLifeLab and EMBL Communities to this workshop! This event will bring together researchers, scientific and technical staff at the EMBL and […]

SciLifeLab and EMBL
Eva von Bahr Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University, Uppsala

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