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Bringing life science professionals together and furthering skills in the scientific community are in SciLifeLab’s DNA. Our many events and courses, which span a wide range of topics, present opportunities to develop your know-how and share your own experiences and network – sparking new ideas, as well as new collaborations. 


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1st cryoNET course on advanced single particle cryo-EM analysis

CryoNet is a Nordic network in cryogenic electron microscopy that aims to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing across national borders. A main goal is to help establish state-of-the-art cryogenic electron microscopy as a strong pillar of Nordic life science research. The core of the network is constituted by the cryo-EM facilities at University of Copenhagen, […]

Aarhus University Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Universitetsbyen 81, Århus, Denmark

RaukR, Advanced R for Bioinformatics workshop

This workshop will focus on advanced R functionality, to increase the participants skillset and understanding of what is possible to do today.

NBIS – National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden
Visby Visby, Sweden

ELIXIR-GOBLET Train-the-Trainer

Course Content This course offers guidance, ideas and tips for designing training/teaching, development and delivery on training activities, all based on research-driven educational principles. This course will cover 4 main topics: This course will be delivered through Canvas learning management system. You can find a link to the course pages here. Note! The course is […]

NBIS & Training Hub
Navet, SciLifeLab, Uppsala SciLifeLab Uppsala, BMC (Entrance: C11), Husargatan 3,, Uppsala, Sweden

Epigenomics Data Analysis: from Bulk to Single Cell (ONLINE)

This workshop aims to introduce the best practice bioinformatics methods for processing, analyses, visualisation and integration of epigenomics and functional genomics data.

NBIS – National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden
Online event via Zoom

Basic Course in Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopy for Life Sciences

This course covers lectures and practical demonstrations in SEM and TEM techniques, specifically for life science applications. The contents include principles of electron microscopy, specimen preparation, cryo-electron microscopy and correlative light-electron microscopy. For electron microscopy in physical science applications, there will be a similar-content basic course in early 2024. Application deadline: The registration closes on […]

SciLifeLab Umeå
KBC Building Umeå Linneaus Väg 6, Umeå

Cryo-EM sample preparation and data collection

The purpose of the course is to prepare and train Cryo-EM facility users in sample preparation methods, introduce users to the image data acquisition workflow, expand knowledge about cryo-EM methods among researchers and show that everyone can learn how to use cryo-EM for structure and cell biology. The course is open for facility users or […]

SciLifeLab Umeå
KBC Building Umeå Linneaus Väg 6, Umeå

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