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Bringing life science professionals together and furthering skills in the scientific community are in SciLifeLab’s DNA. Our many events and courses, which span a wide range of topics, present opportunities to develop your know-how and share your own experiences and network – sparking new ideas, as well as new collaborations. 


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Regional Mass Spectrometry Imaging Spring Workshop

A three-day scientific agenda with oral presentations, workshop discussions, and poster presentations covering the latest developments and applications of MSI by leading and upcoming scientists from academic, government, and industry labs

Spatial Mass Spectrometry, SciLifeLab
Uppsala Konsert & Kongress Vaksala torg 1, Uppsala

Digital image analysis for scientific applications

Language of instruction: EnglishCourse period: 2023-04-11-- 2023-05-09Course structure: The course will be hybrid on site and via zoom to facilitate remote participation. For computer exercises we encourage on-site participation for best possible […]

Bioimage Informatics Unit
Uppsala University Uppsala
Hybrid Hybrid Event

Workshop on Data Visualization in R – Lund

A national course open for PhD students (prioritized), postdocs, researchers and other employees within Swedish universities who are interested in learning to produce publication quality plots using different packages in R.

NBIS – National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden
Retina D227, Biologihuset Sölvegatan 35, Lund

Introduction to Data Management Practices

This course will introduce important aspects of Research Data Management through a series of lectures and hands-on computer exercises. The course is intended for researchers that want to take the first steps towards a more systematic and reproducible approach to analysing and managing research data.

NBIS – National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden
Navet, SciLifeLab, Uppsala SciLifeLab Uppsala, BMC (Entrance: C11), Husargatan 3,, Uppsala

NBIS/ELIXIR-SE Tools for Reproducible Research – ONLINE

NBIS / ELIXIR-SE course is open for PhD students, postdocs, group leaders and core facility staff interested in making their computational analysis more reproducible

NBIS – National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden
Online event via Zoom

Introduction to Biostatistics and Machine Learning

The course is geared towards life scientists wanting to be able to understand and use basic statistical methods.

NBIS – National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden
Navet, SciLifeLab, Uppsala SciLifeLab Uppsala, BMC (Entrance: C11), Husargatan 3,, Uppsala

1st cryoNET course on advanced single particle cryo-EM analysis

CryoNet is a Nordic network in cryogenic electron microscopy that aims to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing across national borders. A main goal is to help establish state-of-the-art cryogenic electron […]

Aarhus University Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Universitetsbyen 81, Århus

RaukR, Advanced R for Bioinformatics workshop

This workshop will focus on advanced R functionality, to increase the participants skillset and understanding of what is possible to do today.

NBIS – National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden
Visby Visby

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