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Campus Solna Seminar

Seminars are back in person! The speakers for Thursday 19 May: 1) Erik Wernersson (Magda Bienko's group, alpha4):"deconwolf: free and open source deconvolution for widefield microscopy." 2) Carlos Gallardo Dodd (Claudia Kutter's group, gamma5):"Cell type-specific deployment of codons and anticodons in mammals." Time: 12:00-13:00 Place: Air&Fire, SciLifeLab Campus Solna

SciLifeLab Solna PhD & PostDoc Council
Air&Fire, SciLifeLab Solna Tomtebodavägen 23 A, Solna

SciLifeLab Group Leader Retreat

We warmly welcome all SciLifeLab Group Leaders to take part in the  SciLifeLab’s Group Leader Retreat 2022, June 14-15, at the Aronsborg conference center in Bålsta. In December 2019, the SciLifeLab Board defined the criteria for being a SciLifeLab Group Leader. Currently, there are close to 250 Group Leaders with a strong affiliation to SciLifeLab research […]

SciLifeLab Event
Aronsborg Konferenshotell Helgövägen 7, Bålsta