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Bringing life science professionals together and furthering skills in the scientific community are in SciLifeLab’s DNA. Our many events and courses, which span a wide range of topics, present opportunities to develop your know-how and share your own experiences and network – sparking new ideas, as well as new collaborations. 


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TissUUmaps 3: Interactive visualization and quality assessment of large-scale spatial omics

We present TissUUmaps, browser-based tool for GPU-accelerated visualization and interactive exploration of tens of millions of datapoints overlaying tissue samples. Users can visualize markers and regions, explore spatial statistics and quantitative analyses of tissue morphology, and assess the quality of decoding in situ transcriptomics data. TissUUmaps provides instant multi-resolution image viewing, can be customized, shared, […]

Bioimage Informatics Unit
Online event via Zoom

EASI-Genomics stakeholder meeting

EASI-Genomics is an EU-funded consortium of sixteen partners, including eleven of the largest genomic facilities in Europe, which provides easy and seamless access to state-of-the-art DNA sequencing technologies to researchers from academia and industry within a framework that ensures compliance with ethical and legal requirements, as well as FAIR and secure data management ( On March 7th-8th, EASI-Genomics will organize a hybrid event for stakeholders from the scientific […]


Data-driven life science and the RDA: Leveraging global data communities in regional initiatives and cross-border infrastructures

This workshop will showcase how to leverage the Research Data Alliance (RDA) to support life science research today and what role the RDA and international data infrastructures can play in the transition to an increasingly data-driven research practice. It is organised by ELIXIR, NBIS and the Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) and includes speakers on […]

ELIXIR and SciLifeLab Sweden
Lindholmen Conference Center Lindholmspiren 5, Göteborg
Hybrid Hybrid Event

EMBL-SciLifeLab Data Science workshop

Sessions Participation by invitation only. Target audience: SciLifeLab and EMBL staff. Scientific committee

SciLifeLab and EMBL
Eva von Bahr Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University, Uppsala

CRISPR as a research tool in cancer and regenerative medicine

International Symposium This two-day event will bring together leading international experts in the field of CRISPR technology and CRISPR applications in basic research in cancer and regenerative medicine. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the potential and limitations of CRISPR as a research tool, both in precision genome engineering and […]

CRISPR Functional Genomics
Andreas Vesalius Lecture Hall, Karolinska Institutet Berzelius väg 3, Solna

SciLifeLab Science Summit 2023

Genomics of Biodiversity and Evolution In an era characterized by extinction and habitat loss, it is crucial to explore biological diversity on our planet and understand the evolutionary processes that generate it. Genome sequencing has generated numerous insights into how species form and how they adapt to their environments, which is vital to understand in […]

Aula Magna Frescativägen 6, Stockholm

DDLS Annual Conference 2023

Save-the-date! More information will be published soon. The DDLS program will arrange the 3rd DDLS Annual Conference, highlighting Data-driven life science research and its future. All scientists interested in data-driven research are welcome to join the 2-day lunch-to-lunch Conference.

DDLS Steering group

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