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Current vacancies within the SciLifeLab community is published on this page. If there are no open positions available you are still welcome to send an open application to the facility or research group that you are interested in.

Our thesis projects are posted on our degree projects page.

Vacancies at our host universities are found here:
Karolinska Institutet
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Stockholm University
Uppsala University


Want to submit a job posting?




Postdoc position in bioinformatics: gene regulatory network inference

Application deadline: May 31


Bioinformatiker/programmerare för tidsbegränsad anställning till Clinical Genomics Stockholm

Application deadline: June 12


Backendutvecklare med systemansvar till Clinical Genomics Stockholm

Application deadline: June 14


Postdoctoral Fellow (scholarship) in enhancer biology

Application deadline: June 15