Assistant professor in Computational biology with a focus on machine learning for multimodal molecular biology data


Application deadline

April 10, 2024

Assistant professor in Computational biology with a focus on machine learning for multimodal molecular biology data

School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health at KTH

This 6-year SciLifeLab Fellow position comes with a generous starting package of 18 MSEK, ideal for establishing an independent research group. The host institution, The department of Gene Technology, is the most prominent research environment at KTH, according to the bibliometrics of the recent years, with pioneering research in the life sciences and extensive national and international collaborations. The Assistant Professor will be a key player in this dynamic research environment located at SciLifeLab, Solna, in direct connection with NGI Stockholm.

Subject field

Computational biology with a focus on machine learning for multimodal molecular biology data.

Subject description

The subject covers the development and use of machine learning for data analysis, mathematical modelling, statistics and computational simulation of molecular biological data. The subject specifically aims to develop and apply machine learning-based methods for multimodal analyzes and integration of molecular biological data, primarily omics data (bulk and single-cell data and spatially resolved data), but also image data, phenotype data, or epigenetic data.


The duties include creating a research activity within the subject field, primarily for the development of new methodology for computational biology applications for the integration of multimodal molecular biology data from various types of technology platforms. This includes combining and integrating experimental data originating from various technology platforms as well as developing new experimental techniques for the production of omics data. The duties include teaching and program and course development in bioinformatics, data visualization, machine learning, biological statistics and modeling.

The assistant professor will be given opportunity to develop their independence as researcher and gain accreditation that may allow them to take other teaching positions with higher eligibility requirements (see Chapter 4, Section 12 a of the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance). Following application, the assistant professor can apply for promotion to associate professor in accordance with Chapter 4, Section 12 c of the Higher Education Ordinance.


An individual who has completed a doctorate or equivalent scientific competence is qualified for appointment as an assistant professor. Candidates who met those qualifications a maximum of five years before the deadline for applying for the appointment as an assistant professor has expired should be prioritized. Other candidates may also be considered there are special reasons.  Special reasons’ refers to absence due to illness, parental leave or other similar circumstances.

Assessment criteria

The assessment criteria for appointment as an assistant professor at KTH are stated in KTH’s appointments procedure section 1.3, and apply in relation to the employment profile laid down.

Of highest importance is that the applicant has

  • scientific expertise within the subject field, demonstrated through scientific publications, conference attendance, participation in research cooperation and through other undertakings in the scientific community such as assignments as a reviewer or expert.
  • potential to qualify for a higher teaching post. This includes the potential for independent development as a researcher and teacher within the subject field in question and also the ability to establish, renew and develop the research area.

Of second highest importance is that the applicant has

  • collaborative skills.
  • experience from a postdoctoral visit in a research environment other than the university at which the applicant defended their doctoral thesis. Experience from research and development work within the industry or other organizations is considered to correspond to a traditional postdoc visit to another university.
  • an interest in and understanding of pedagogical development within the subject field.
  • interest in and insights concerning leadership in academia, collaboration with the outside community, and awareness of diversity and equal opportunity issues with a particular focus on gender equality.

It is also important that the applicant has

  • administrative expertise.

Special grounds of assessment for promotion to associate professor

When assessing applications for promotion to associate professor, provisions according to Section 1.2.4 of Appointments procedure at KTH will be applied. Ability to teach in Swedish is a merit that is given great importance in the application for promotion.

Trade union representatives

Contact information to trade union representatives can be found at KTH’s web page.


Your application should follow KTH’s CV template for employment of teachers. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application is complete according to the requirements in the ad and CV template.

Your complete application must be received at KTH no later than the last day of application, midnight CET/CEST (Central European Time/Central European Summer Time).

Log into KTH recruitment system in order to apply to this position.


Time limitation:The appointment is for an indefinite term, but no more than six years, and may be extended if, due to the teacher’s absence due to sick leave, parental leave or other special grounds, more time is required to reach the objectives of the appointment. However, the total appointment period may not exceed eight years. The appointment is part of the Tenure Track system at KTH and the assistant professor may apply for promotion to tenured associate professor.

For more information regarding KTH’s assessment, see Appointments procedure at KTH

Striving towards gender equality, diversity and equal conditions is both a question of quality for KTH and a given part of our values.

For information about processing of personal data in the recruitment process please read here.

KTH Relocation offers help to relocate and settle in Sweden and at KTH, please read here.

We firmly decline all contact with staffing and recruitment agencies and job ad salespersons.

Disclaimer: In case of discrepancy between the Swedish original and the English translation of the job announcement, the Swedish version takes precedence.

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