Associate Researcher cryo-EM

Lund University

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May 19, 2024

Associate Researcher cryo-EM

Medicinska fakulteten, Institutionen för experimentell medicinsk vetenskap

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Cryo-EM at Lund University

A growing group of researchers at Lund University (LU) are using cryo-electron microscopy. We work closely with the national facility for cryo-EM at SciLifeLab. LU has procured a 200 kV Glacios2 cryo-TEM. A well-equipped sample preparation laboratory has been established. Data processing is done either on in-house GPU-assisted workstations or at LU´s computing cluster LUNARC. We are currently seeking a service-focused assistant researcher to support the researchers interested in cryo-EM.

What we offer

Lund University is a government agency, which means that you receive special benefits, generous holidays and a favorable occupational pension. Read more on the Lund University’s website about being employed at Lund University, Work with us

Duties and responsibilities

  • Responsible for setting up new lab facilites, procurement and vendor negotiations of ancillary cryo-EM instruments and implementing user fees
  • Adapt protocols and procedures
  • Responsible for user training and assistance in sample preparation, imaging and image processing for negative stain and cryo-EM data
  • Provide support in troubleshooting sample preparation and imaging experiments
  • Set up and oversee data collection for users at facility and SciLifeLab microscopes
  • Maintain the facility’s usage calendar and assist with scheduling
  • Maintain microscope and peripheral equipment and work with outside vendors when needed
  • Order and maintain all necessary supplies needed for operation of the facility
  • Keep updated with the development in technology and methods of cryo-EM
  • Contribute to teaching of cryo-EM at university courses
  • Organize internal user meetings, support groups, symposia, courses etc
  • Support users in publications, posters, presentation, and grant proposals.
  • Assist new cryo-EM users in full cryo-EM workflow
  • Coordinate LU’s cryo-EM BAG (Block Allocation Group) at SciLifeLab in Stockholm and Umeå
  • Coordinate data processing and storage with the local resources LUNARC and ‘Correlative Image Processing and Imaging’ (CIPA)
  • Coordinate with LBIC for room temperature EM sample preparation and imaging.
  • Assist the core facility Director with strategic planning for core’s future needs, including staffing and capital upgrades
  • Have a good level of understanding and experience of interaction with key actors such as SciLifeLab, MAX IV and LINXS 

Work with us

At the moment, 50% of the position is funded by SciLifeLab. The duties within SciLifeLabs part will be to:

  • Guide LU’s researchers in method selection and in improving sample preparation for cryo-EM
  • Screen cryo-EM samples, either at LU or at SciLifeLab
  • Document technical information regarding ongoing cryo-EM projects in collaboration with the research groups that use the cryo-EM facility
  • Educate users of the cryo-EM facility in the practical handling of samples and instruments
  • Assist and guide users in image data analysis
  • Participate in courses and group meetings together with SciLifeLab cryo-EM facility staff and pass on new knowledge to the environment at LU

You will also be expected to participate in LU’s efforts in finding funding to operate and develop the cryo-EM research infrastructure

We are looking for you who are an experienced and driven person, who is easy to work with and work well in a complex environment.

It is a required that you have:

  • University education in structural biology, protein biochemistry or equivalent.
  • Knowledge of principles and practice of cryo-EM
  • Experience in sample preparation for cryo-EM, single particle reconstruction and troubleshooting experiments
  • Experience in operating state of the art cryo-electron microscopes such as Talos, Glacios and Krios
  • Knowledge and experience to operate laboratory equipment, safe handling of hazardous chemicals and BSL2 agents
  • High motivation, with the ability to initiate and quickly learn new techniques and excellent workload and time management skills
  • Excellent team management and communication skills
  • Experience of collaborating with stakeholders with different backgrounds and in presenting research results to peers
  • Experience in facility management
  • Experience in student supervision
  • Experience of protein production and characterization
  • Experience in embedding and ultramicrotomy of biological samples, electron tomography (ET) and cryo-ET
  • Publications where cryo-EM has been used
  • Experience in writing infrastructure grant proposals

It is of merit if you have:

  • Experience in setting up and maintaining cryo-EM facility equipment and vendor negotiations
  • Experience in maintaining computers and software

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