Computational biologist / bioinformatician

Karolinska Institutet

Application deadline

September 9, 2020

Computational biologist / bioinformatician

The workplace

SciLifeLab is a national resource center dedicated to large scale bioscientific research with focus on biomedicine, including genome and proteome profiling, bioimaging and bioinformatics. SciLifeLab Stockholm has been formed jointly by the three Stockholm universities, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Karolinska Institutet (KI) and Stockholm University (SU), and thus combines the profiles and strengths of these three institutions. Academic research as well as the Swedish health care system and the Swedish Life Science industry will benefit through active collaboration, access to advanced tools and active programs for knowledge transfer. The goal is to achieve critical mass for large-scale life sciences and translational medicine.

The Hausser lab

In many patients, anti-cancer therapy struggles with resistance and metastases. To address these, treatments aimed at unleashing the immune system against cancer cells are being developed, with encouraging results. But presently, not all patients see benefits from immunotherapy and side-effects can be severe.

Developing immuno-therapies is challenging because of the complexity of the immune system. Immunity depends on the interaction between dozens of cell types with multiple phenotypes, controlled by hundreds of molecular signals. In particular, the rules of how molecular signals combine to control immune response are only partially known. Not knowing these rules is a major obstacle to designing effective interventions with limited side-effects.

As a research lab, we aim to identify such rules by combining large-scale cancer data analysis, experiments in mouse cancer models, and theory. Accordingly, we are a team of bioinformaticians, immunologists and theorists. We are based at the Department of Cellular and Molecular Biology at Karolinska Institutet (KI) and at SciLifeLab ( in Stockholm, Sweden.

Your mission

We are looking for a computational biologist to contribute to ongoing research projects in the lab, ranging from analyzing single cell transcriptomics data generated in the lab, to mining public cancer genomics datasets, to analyzing large scale tumor microscopy images.

Your responsibilities will include data analysis, developing computational pipelines, collaborating with your colleagues in the lab, and punctually helping 

Location: Science for Life Laboratory, Solna, Stockholm, Sweden


For more information, please contact Jean Hausser, Assistant professor,

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